Wednesday, June 6, 2012

India Should Officially be Declared a Hindu State

India Is a Hindu Nation -- 

It Should Officially be Declared a Hindu State

Narain Kataria, President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF) was conferred the title of “Dharma Rakshak” for his untiring services to Hindu cause by HindiUSA at Monroe Township, N.J. on May 20, 2012. He was presented a plaque by internationally renowned scholar and author of several books, Dr. Rajiv Malhotra.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Kataria, who is survivor of the Partition of India, said that India was partitioned in 1947 on the basis of two-nation theory as propounded by the Muslim League party. Pakistan was immediately declared as an Islamic state. The corollary of that action was that India should have been declared a Hindu State. But that did not happen. It was a monumental blunder committed by India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and his governing Congress Party. As a result of that one blunder, Hindus have been suffering the injustices, inequalities and barbarities for the last 64 years in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The secularism, as practiced in India, has become synonymous with the Hindu-bashing, while the Hinduism has become a dirty word in the lexicon of country’s ‘secular’ fundamentalists.

Fortunately, the ever shrinking Hindu population in India is still near 83%. “By traditions and by culture, India is still a Hindu nation. And, for the survival of that Hindu nation, it is absolutely essential that the blunder from the partition time is rectified and India declared a Hindu State,” proclaimed Narain Kataria who was being honored by HindiUSA in New Jersey on May 20, 2012 for his great services to the Hindu cause.

India is shrinking

Earlier, tracing the history of India, Mr. Kataria said that before the advent of Islam, India’s cultural influence extended from Afghanistan to Indonesia. Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation; Malaysia and Indonesia also were under the Hindu influence. Indonesia today is an Islamic state. In Malaysia, even though the Muslim population is only at 51%, officially, it too is called an Islamic state.

In 1947, Hindus lost Sindh, Baluchistan, North West Frontier, 60% of Punjab, and East Bengal (later Bangladesh) to Islam. In Assam, the Muslim population has increased to 35%; in West Bengal it has become almost 30%. In Utter Pradesh and Bihar, the Muslim population is at 20%. In the southern state of Kerala, the Muslim and Christian population together is around 50%. In the North East, in Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya, the Hindus population is negligible.

As a result of this condition, Hindus are suffering all over. Young Hindu girls are abducted, converted to Islam and then married to Muslim men in Pakistan; Hindus are being ethnically cleansed from Pakistan.

Hindus from Jammu and Kashmir are systematically converted to Islam or driven out. In West Bengal, Hindu temples are continuously attacked and desecrated. Bangladeshi Muslim-infiltration into India continues unabated, while the Muslim population within India is rising with leaps and bounds. In India, Muslims are able to create the communal riots at will, in numerous cities such as Hyderabad and Meerut. All anti-Hindu forces have ganged up to subvert India from the within. There are hundreds of no-go areas in India where police cannot enter.

Rising Muslim population in India, a serious threat to the Hindu existence

Today, there are almost 500 million Muslims living in the Indian subcontinent whose forefathers were Hindu: 150 million in India, 190 million in Pakistan and 150 million in Bangladesh. Some even claim that the real number of Muslims in India is nearly 200 million. The chief aim of Islam is to dominate and control the entire world, including India. They want to see the Islamic rule all over the globe. Towards that objective, they are exploiting the Indian democratic system to its fullest extent. They have adjusted the methodology, but not the goal. The entire situation is fraught with dangerous consequences.

What should the Hindus to face the Situation?

 Hindus should establish Hindu Foundations in each and every state in India.

 Hindu Foundations should recruit Hindu intellectuals, top Hindu military personnel, and top Hindu journalists.

 They should prepare a strategy to make the Hindu people strong; the aim of strategy should be the “Establishment of Hindu State in India.”

 Hindu Unity at any cost should be the slogan of this movement.

 We should establish the “Welcome Centers” for Muslims and Christians in every district of India in order to persuade them to come back to their ancestral fold.

 We should pay attention to persons like Veer Savarkar, the great Hindu revolutionary, who had said: “Militarize the Hindus and Hinduize the Politics”.

 Bring together all rich Hindus, all renowned Hindu Dharmacharyas, Hindu intellectuals, and military and police officials. Emphasize upon them the importance of working together.

 Hindu temple managements should be approached and requested to take up the issues affecting the Hindu society.

 Hindus should own print and electronic media. We should expose the anti-Hindu journalists and anti-Hindu leaders, and socially boycott them.

 Every Hindu family should keep at least some weapons to defend them in the time of need.

 If we can unite only 35% of Hindus in the country, we can easily form a pro-Hindu Government in India.

 If we can mobilize 45% of Hindus, we can have the two-third majority in nation’s Parliament. Then, we can make all suitable changes in India’s Constitution.


Anwar khan said...

Dear Narain,

I think u r a typical Hindu Talibani and strong supporter of ISI Pakistani agency.

We had no of war with pokistani and they are our no 1 enemy.and there hidden agenda to disestablish in economy growth by creating divide and rule policy .
that is why they build people like your mentality to do the roits in india .there are thousand of roits taken place in india just because of pepole like who are SONE KE ANDEY DANEY WALI MURGI HO POKISTANIYO KE.


Anwar khan said...

Dear Narain ,

I think u are from US not from india and India is always Hindu country.

it is HINDUSTAN samza harami Pokistani agent.
india always remain Hindustan .
jai bharat.

Dont try to divide us on the basis of Cast.
Fist be indian.........

WhyItsLikeThat said...
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WhyItsLikeThat said...
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WhyItsLikeThat said...

80% counties in world follow by constitution one or more than one religion. India is the origin of Hindus, Sikhs and Jain. Unfortunate we don’t have by constitution any country. Last thousand years Hindus and Sikhs went through continuous genocides which still going on.
Look at our neighbors, on 1950 in Pakistan and Bangladesh there were 22% Hindu population. Now the number dropped 1.7% in Pakistan and 9% in Bangladesh. Historian proves 95% Pakistani and Bangladeshi were Hindus and forcefully converted to Islam in last 800 years.
Right now we are going through same religion and cultural holocaust as Jews. We are way of extinction of the oldest civilization in world and we need a country which we can call home and where our interest would be priority.

WhyItsLikeThat said...

By constitution there are more than 40 Muslim countries and more than 30 Christine countries exist in world. But by constitution there is no country for Hindus. Nepal was before but that changed too.
Today as a Hindu I feel I have nowhere to go and yes that is one of my basic needs.
Also the way Christians has Vatican and Muslims have Mecca, by constitution we need our place of worship too where without being scare we can follow our culture and religion which is the oldest in World.
Freedom didn’t come free and this also may going to be fight, but we need a strong leader to speak and act for 1 billion Hindus and other Indigenous religion as Sikh and Jain.

anurag saraswat said...

U r right naraun ji. The so called secular forces r hell bent upon destroying India by their politics of appeasement. What is sad that Hindus r the biggest enemies of their religion. If things continue this way it won't be long when we become minority in our own land and r forced to convert to Islam or Christianity as is the trend throughout then world.