Monday, July 26, 2010


It is not right to call the opponents of mosque as "intolerants" or "bigots"

I do not think it is right to label those who oppose mosque near Ground Zero as “intolerants” or “bigots” because America is the most democratic and free country in the world where, unlike Islamic nations, right of dissent is permissible under law. Hence, I believe that those who hurl invectives and epithets on the opponents of mosque are infringing on the fundamental rights of freedom of expression guaranteed under American Constitution.

The citizens who oppose mosque near Ground Zero believe that it is not only offensive but also reprehensible to build the mosque where 3000 innocent people were just mercilessly murdered by devout Moslems trained in Saudi Arabian mosques. These Saudi Arabian mosques are run by Wahabbi Moslems who preach extreme form of Islam where they extol the virtue of violence and hatred. Their goal is to dominate the world, subjugate infidels (Christians, Jewish, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and other), establish Shariah and plant Islamic flag on the Capitol Hill. It is believed that three-fourth of the mosques in America are controlled by Wahabbi Moslems.

The other day Prime Minister of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan who is considered to be a moderate Moslems gave the definition of the mosques as under: The Mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

It is not right to say that all the Moslems are the terrorists. But it is also a well known fact that all the terrorists who mercilessly slaughtered innocent men, women and children in Mumbai, Bali, Madrid, Beslan, London, Delhi, Nigeria, Africa and Thailand were the followers of the Radical Islam. Since 9/11//2001, the followers of the so called “religion of peace” have killed more than 75,000 people. (http://www.thereligionof In 1909, according to police reports in Indian Express dated July 2, 2010, radical Islamists have carried on 500 terror attacks on Hindus in Kashmir.

It is inappropriate and unjustified to lightly dismiss the views of those who have seen Islam, Hadith and Sira in action in South Asia. Hindus have suffered unprecedented brutalities and savagery at the hands of Islam during the last 1400 years. Moslems have killed 80 million Hindus during their brutish rule in India. They have converted one third of Hindus in India at the point of sword. They have plans to Islamize entire India. They consider India, Europe, America and other countries where Moslems are in minority as Dar-ul-Harb (the country to be Islamized and ruled under Shariah law). Shariah law is an antithesis of democracy and totally irrelevant and incompatible with our Constitution.

It is not the question of mosque only but the preaching of barbican and totalitarian ideology which Wahabbi Moslems drill into the ears of Moslem children of impressionable age in their mosques.

If Moslems are really sincere and desire to refurbish their image in the eyes of New Yorkers, they should show some sort of sensitivity and dignity towards the hurt feelings of the families of 3000 victims of Jihad by shifting their mosque to some other place. Thus, they could gain the goodwill and sympathy of an average American.

Narain Kataria


Indian American Intellectuals Forum

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