Saturday, January 7, 2012



I, the undersigned, Narain Kataria, hereby solemnly resolve and declare on the eve of the New Year:

· That I will try my level best to restore the dignity to Hinduism, and work for the unification and consolidation of Hindu Nation.

· That I will steadfastly and sincerely dedicate my services for Hindu Unity.

· That I will devote my time, energy, intellectual capability and financial resources in the service of Brihad Virat Hindutva.

· That I will volunteer, support and work for any organization/association/temple that promotes Hindu cause.

· That I will stand up and be counted if any injustice and humiliation is heaped on Hindus in any part of the world.

· That I will campaign against the dowry system, untouchability, and will seek to eradicate them from the Hindu society.

· That I will not do anything which would create disunity, or drive a wedge among Hindu people.

· That I will try to stand up and protect the honor and dignity of my Hindu fellows anywhere in the world.

· That I will endeavor to learn about the Real History of India.

· That I will help the organizations and associations and leaders working and supporting Hindu causes.

· That I will support, guide, inspire and motivate my Hindu brothers and sisters to come forward and join the forces working for Hindu causes.

· That I will expose and nip in bud the mean, mendacious and malicious designs of our enemies who are bent on denigrating and destroying all of us.

Narain Kataria