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Terrorists have no religion -- Shah Rukh Khan is not telling the truth

Terrorists have no religion -- Shah Rukh Khan is not telling the truth

From: Narain Kataria, New York

At a public meeting held on Nov. 29, 2009, Actor Shah Rukh Khan is reported to have said that: “Terrorism has no religion”. This is grossly misleading and nonsensical twaddle by a crafty actor to lull Hindus into believing that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. It has not a whit to do with reality. It is completely out of sync with the general view held by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists who have suffered unprecedented brutalities and savagery at the hands of Radical Islamists for the last 1400 years.

Instead of giving wide publicity to this untruthful claptrap all over India his opinion should have be dismissed with the contempt it deserves and challenged by leaders sitting in the meeting, including Home Minister P. Chidambaram. Since people sitting in the meeting had absolutely no clue as to what the Islamic trilogy, Quran (sacred book of Muslims), Hadith (traditions based on conduct of Mohammad) and Sira (life of Prophet Mohammed) , enjoin on Muslims, they just listened to and accepted the crap dished out to them. None of them, either because of ignorance or fear of violent reaction from Islamists, even raised the question that descendants of invaders, particularly Wahhabists and Salafists, are spreading the jihadist movement in India to complete the violent conquest of India for Islam.

The time has come for Hindus to develop a little bit courage and call a spade a spade. It is an irony of fate and a matter of great disgust that none of the Hindu leaders in India came forward to challenge this statement laden with outright lies and bald assertions. Hindu leaders in India have lost the nerve completely. Because of their squeamishness, sheepishness and lack of virility, Hindu society is undergoing torture and suffering. At the moment Hindu society is directionless, rudderless and feels cantankerous because Hindu leaders rarely deracinate the perniciousness of Jihadi culture in public.

Hindus have been terrorized into submission by Islamists to such an extent that they never stand up and come out openly to speak the truth. The truth is that more than 90% terrorism-related activities all over the world are carried on by Radical Islamists. Almost all the prisoners in jails in UK and USA on the charge of terrorism are Muslims. “Islamic terrorists have carried on 14,510 terrorists attack since 9/11” (a rate of about three to four a day). (www.The Religion of These attacks were not carried on by normal Muslims for money or personal jealousy but as a religious duty performed in the name of Allah.

The Bollywood Star further said that he has read the Quran. But he did not tell the ignorant audience that “sixty-one percent of the contents of the Koran are found to speak ill of unbelievers or call for their violent conquest; at best only 2.6 percent of the verses of the Koran are noted to show goodwill toward humanity”. (Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy, an India-born anti-terrorism expert, in an interview with Jamie Glazov of Frontpage Magazine at [More details about Dr. Muthuswamy's book, including its relevance to the ongoing jihad in India and where to buy the book are given here:]

Shah Rukh Khan used sophistry and subterfuge to misguide Indians (Hindus) by covering up the heinous crimes of his co-religionists, and portraying them in a very favorable light. In his sinister attempt he was aided and abetted by anti-Hindu electronic and print media who broadcast his message as gospel truth all over India. Ostensibly, Shah Rukh was following the Islamic law of al Taqiyah which enjoins on Muslims to lie and cheat in the furtherance of Islam. Shah Rukh fully exploited the non-comprehension of media and ignorance of the non-Muslim audience about the tenets of Islam.

It is a paradox that Muslims, converts or their descendants, who enjoy good life in India, invariably support their Arabian masters.

The following verifiable facts outright reject the statement of Shah Rukh Khan:

1. The World Trade Center attack in New York on 9/11 in which 3000 innocent people were burnt to death was carried out by agents of Al Qaeda (a militant Islamic terrorist group led by Osama bin Laden).

2. The Bali bombing on October 12, 2002 also was unleashed by radical Islamists.

3. The Madrid train bombings in Spain on March 11, 2004 in which 191 people were killed was by Muslims.

4. The suicide attack on Indian Parliament in December 2001 was launched by two Pakistani (Muslim) terrorist groups who were guided by the tenets of Islam.

5. The three Mumbai bomb blasts (i) in 1993 in which more than 250 people were killed, (ii) July 2006 in which 209 killed, and (iii) 26/11/2008 in which 170 people killed were all carried on by devout Muslims.

6. The June 7, 2005 London train bombing in which 52 people were killed was also the handiwork of Islamic terrorists.

7. Islamic terrorists in 1998 bombed US embassy in Kenya and killed hundreds of innocent people.

8. Islamic terrorists attacked in Algeria, Moroco in April 2007 and killed a lot of people.

9. A group of 45 Muslim doctors threatened to use car bombs and rocket grenades in terrorist attacks in the United States during discussions on an extremist internet chat site. One message read: "We are 45 doctors and we are determined to undertake jihad and take the battle inside America.

10. Another terrorist suspect Najibullah Nazi, 24, from Denver was allegedly planning attacks on the New York subway in September, 2009 was also a Muslim.

11. Major Nidal Hasan proclaimed himself a “Soldier of Allah”. He massacred 13 American soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, and is said to have shouted “Allah-o-Akbar” before killing them. He fully believed in Holy War against infidels.

12. US citizen David Coleman Headley (Daood Gilani) , and Canadian citizen Tahawwur Hussain Rana arrested in October, 2009 in Chicago were working for the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) – were both Muslims.

13. Javed Ahmed and Ashiq Ali arrested by Delhi Police on August 7, 2009 were Muslims.

14. British-Iraqi doctor Bilal Abdulla convicted on conspiracy to cause murder and explosion at Glasgow airport in 2008 was a devout Muslim.

15. Five young Muslim Americans living in Washington, D.C. suburbs who were on their way to the heart of Taliban sanctuary in Pakistan to be trained as Jihadi terrorists. They were arrested in Pakistan on December 10, 2009. One of them Zamzam made a video quoting Koranic verses.

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Hassan Gafoor is on record to have stated at a Press Conference that 14-16 Indians (including Fahim Ansari, Sabahuddin and other Muslims) were suspected to be involved in the 26/11 Mumbai attack.

A known British Mullah Mr. Anjum Chaudri on video describes the killing of innocent non-Muslim in suicide bombing as “legitimate”.

Please also watch the following video of brutality by Islamists on Hindus in Bangladesh

One can go on and on and can write a book about Islamic terrorism around the world.

Now for the information of readers I would like to quote below some statements made by top terrorists and by noted experts on Islamic studies:

"I am one of the servants of Allah. We do our duty of fighting for the sake of the religion of Allah. It is also our duty to send a call to all the people of the world to enjoy this great light and to embrace Islam and experience the happiness in Islam. Our primary mission is nothing but the furthering of this religion." Osama bin Laden.

Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini had said: “Holy war (jihad) means the conquest of all non-Muslim territories.”

Maulana Syed Abul A'ala Maudoodi, founder of the Jamaat-e-Islami proclaimed: “The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of the mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy it.”

Shaikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, who planned the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, funneled these words to his fellow faithful: “Oh, you Muslims … destroy their embassies, attack their interests, sink their ships, and shoot down their airplanes. Kill them on land, at sea, and in the air, kill them wherever you find them.” (Babbin, in the Words of Our Enemies, p. 60)

"Our whole struggle is for the enforcement of Sharia law" Muslim Khan, Spokesperson for the Pakistani Taliban, responsible for hundreds of bombings, shootings and abductions.

All the above statements made by religious scholars make it crystal clear that the aim of Islam is to dominate the entire world by force and subjugate entire humanity. In spite of massive evidence presented above, Shah Rukh Khan and the so called secular print and electronic media has the temerity to present falsity as truth. Radical Islamists know it very well that it is a game bluffing the hateful Kafirs. Hence this secular shibboleth has to be exposed and vehemently condemned otherwise it will destroy India from within.

A study conducted by Pew Foundation concludes that: Majorities or pluralities in the U.S., Canada, and every European country, other than France, judge that some religions are more prone to violence than others. And when those taking this view are asked which religion they think of as more violent, Islam is designated by large majorities in each of these countries – in Netherlands 88%, in France 87%, in Spain 81%, in Germany 79%, in Poland 77% in India 73% consider Islam is the most violent religion.

From all the above it is crystal clear even to the purblind that almost all terrorists have a religion. They are devout followers of Islam. Shah Rukh Khan is plainly lying and trying to fool the secular intelligentsia and clueless Hindus – the majority population of India.

For the information of those who are not fully familiar with the tenets of Islam, I would request them to visit the following websites:

An Appeal to the Indian Voters

An Appeal to the Indian Voters

Yes, Only Majority Hindus Can Save India from Becoming Another Pakistan

From: Narain Kataria , New York

India is under an armed attack from within and without. An undeclared war has been unleashed on Hindus. Hizbul Mujahideen chief Salahuddin has planned to send 400 trained terrorists to launch terror strikes during the country’s general elections in April/May 2009. Another Muslim terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba has threatened to target India’s senior scientists and its top Hindu politicians. . According to one report in The Times of India, 107 people have been killed and 449 others injured in bomb blasts that have rocked Assam in the last six months U.S. State Department has said that there were at least 971 Naxalite attacks in the first seven months of 2007.

During the last five years of United Progressive Alliance government led by the Congress Party, India has touched the nadir of humiliation and degradation in post-independence era. At this time, thousands of Jihadists and Maoists are being trained to destabilize India. The lack of political will in India, deep vested interest of political class coupled with the vote bank politics has emboldened various cabals of terrorists to kill innocent people and spread anarchy all over India.

The deadly combination of radical Islamic and Maoist terror is the single biggest internal security threat to India’s existence as an independent nation. Several mini-Pakistans have sprung up all over India. Azamgarh region in Uttar Pradesh and southern sate of Kerala have become breeding ground for Islamic terrorism. Muslim Sleeper cells all over the country are waiting for a signal to commence the subversive activities and bleed India to death.

Both these fanatic groups want to tear India apart. They are guided by the foreign ideologies. Their loyalty to India is highly questionable. Islamic fundamental is funded by the Hawala money. Hence no information is available on the government records. However, according to the Home Ministry Report for year 2005-06, posted by Sanjeev Nayyar at, states that Rs. 7,877 crores were sent to India by way of contributions. One other report indicates that between year 1993-94 and 2006-07, a staggering sum of Rs. 64,670 crores was sent to India from Western countries. Bulk of this money goes to Missionaries in India who convert poor Hindus to Christianity. After converting to Christianity, these people join the Maoist movement, kill their own brothers and create chaos and mayhem all over India.

The magnitude of danger posed to the survival of India in one piece can be gauged from the following few examples. Maoists have already overthrown the Hindu government and taken over the neighboring Nepal. Naxalites-Maoists now have a presence in 40% of India’s geographical area. In the last two years, Naxal-related violence has already claimed the lives of 700 people in India including 250 security personnel. In 2008, India’s Central Reserve Police Force in its operations in 18 states seized 7,000 kg of explosives According to an estimate made by the Police, about 5000 Maoists armed with AK-47 rifles, mortar and rocket launchers and land mines are very active in this area. These are backed by another 20,000 cadres who carry self-loading rifles. It should be clear from the above that a diabolical conspiracy has been hatched to create an interregnum in India, destabilize its economy and finally balkanize India on the lines of Soviet Union or Yugoslavia.

Radical Islamists are ruthlessly killing Indian citizens, mostly Hindus, with impunity. Due to its vested interest in Muslim votes, the Government of India, headed by the Congress Party, pursues pro-terrorist policies and deliberately downplays the heinous role played by Islamic sleeper cells in the terrorist attacks.

Secularism has become an euphemism for the Hindu-bashing. Hindu has become a dirty word in the lexicon of phony-secularists. Any person espousing the Hindu cause is dubbed communal. That person is harassed, demonized and his/her voice is gagged. If the person displays any signs of stubbornness, that person is put in jail under the National Security Act a la Varun Gandhi!

On the other hand, no action is taken to hang the convicted terrorist Afzal Guru, the mastermind behind the 2001 attack on India’s Parliament. No action is taken against the Kashmiri Muslims who burn the Indian flag in full public view. No action against is taken against the Muslim legislator of UP who had announced Rs. 50 lakh award to anyone who would behead the Danish cartoonist allegedly to have insulted Prophet Mohammed! No action was also taken against the Ulema Council members who unfurled Indian flag upside down in a public rally in New Delhi. This utterly unfair treatment of Hindus in their own country is the closest thing to the Islamic rule of Aurangzeb.
Elections 2009 will start from April 16th. This is a crucial time for the Indian electorate. They get an opportunity to decide whether they want to be ruled by the Gandhi Dynasty or the nationalist parties like BJP. The other lesser choices they have are the Leftist-Islamist combine supported by selfish and greedy Hindus who derive inspirations from Russia/China/Pakistan, or by the castiest leaders and regional satraps.

It is about time the Hindus learn from Muslims and Christians who almost invariably vote strategically and en block. If Hindus use their common sense, intelligence, financial resources and cast their votes en block in favor of those candidates who have the Hindu interests in their heart, they could jettison all anti-Hindu politicians and put their own candidates in Parliament.
As declared by the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, the apex representative body of all Hindus, every individual vote is sacred and sacrosanct. If Hindus want to avoid five more years of ignominy and discomfiture and they want to live in India with self-respect and dignity, they should cast their vote judiciously in favor of those who can guarantee them safety and security. They should give their precious vote to those candidates who want to take Bharat Mata to the pinnacles of glory. Hindus should reject all other candidates outright who subscribe to the alien ideologies of hate and intolerance.

Hindus and Sikhs are the backbone of Indian society and polity. India, as a country, is secular because the Hindus are in majority. Anyone working against Hindu interests should be treated as a traitor to the Hindu cause and should be boycotted socially. Therefore, it devolves on the 83% Hindu majority to show signs of courage and maturity, and vote only for those candidates that possess the brave kshatriya spirit to liquidate the enemies of nation.

It is only through this vigorous and collective response from Hindu public that the India could be saved from becoming another Pakistan.

Narain Kataria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum
41-67 Judge Street
Elmhurst, New York 11373
(718) 478-5735

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Is Deepak Chopra Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or Dhimmitude, or Both

Indian American Intellectuals Forum
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Is Deepak Chopra Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or Dhimmitude, or Both

December 3, 2008

While speaking on ‘Larry King Live’ show on CNN, on November 26th on the subject of Islamic terror in Mumbai, Dr. Deepak Chopra, the famous author and philosopher, mischievously and deliberately tried to equate the Islamic terrorism in India with Hindu fundamentalism. He may not have realized that in doing so, he has grievously hurt the sentiments of one billion peace-loving and law-abiding Hindus all over the world.

In the interview, Dr. Chopra further blamed USA government for its attitude towards Islam and, in effect, advised the millions of viewers that they should appease the Moslem world. He even warned that “if we do not… we’re going to have a problem on our hands.” (
The tone and tenor of Deepak Chopra’s response, no doubt, is reflective of his inner state of mind. Dr. Chopra is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome––or worse, the Dhimmitude––or even both. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological condition seen in an abducted hostage, in which case the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the abductor. The term Dhimmi is applied to the non- Moslem population that stays subjugated, becomes apologist for Islam, fears and defers to it and seeks Islamic favor.

I am not certain whether Dr. Deepak Chopra is a victim of the vicious propaganda blitz unleashed against Hindus by the perverted Communist cardholders in India and USA, who are entrenched in media. I am also not sure whether he himself is confused, or he is deliberately and mischievously confounding the gullible American citizens.

Dr. Chopra is a well-known author and philosopher. From his responses to Larry King in the above interview, one can easily figure out that Deepak Chopra’s knowledge about Islam is based merely on hearsay. It would have been much better had he confined his responses to his pet subject – the philosophy.

By dabbling in the topics such as jihad, terrorism, radical Islam that seem to be beyond his comprehension, Dr. Chopra has made himself a laughing stock in the eyes of those who are fully familiar with the Islamic psyche and the counter-terrorism. Hence, Dr. Chopra should be treated with the scorn and contempt he deserves for acting as an advocate and apologist for the radical Islam.

In the interview, through the words like ‘Hindu fundamentalism,’ Dr. Chopra has even tried to tarnish the image of peace-loving Hindu people who have suffered unprecedented brutalities, unbearable carnage, and horrendous savagery at the hands of Moslems in the last 1400 years.
For the information of Dr. Chopra, Moslems have already taken away a one-third of India through the partitioning in 1947 between secular India and Islamic Pakistan. As a consequence, more than 10 million Hindus and Sikhs were thrown out of their sacred ancestral land, leaving most of their possessions behind. Again in 1971, another 10 million Hindus were forcibly driven out of what became Bangladesh, or were converted to Islam.

Most recently, in 1989-1990, over 400,000 Hindus and Sikhs were pushed out of their homes and hearths in the northern State of Kashmir; these were the original inhabitants of this beautiful land variously described as the heaven-on-earth. More than 10,000 Indian army soldiers have been killed by Jihadists, while they valiantly defended their country and its people. Thousands more have been bombed and killed in the Islamic terrorist hits on the large Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Varanasi, Hyderabad, etc.

It is not only unbecoming but also degrading on the part of Dr. Chopra to reprimand Hindus in spite of the results of the study concluded by the investigative team headed by Justice D.S. Tewatia, former Chief Justice of the Kolkata High Court, that Godhra train carnage in which a mob of 2000 strong Moslems roasted alive 57 innocent Hindu men, women and children on February 27, 2001, at Godhra Station in Gujarat, India was “an act of terrorism”. It would have been appropriate had Dr. Chopra refrained from hurling innuendo and invectives on mild Hindus.

That the intellectual like Dr. Chopra has the audacity to advise non-Koranic people (Hindus, Christians, Jewish, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains) to appease Moslems is a sad commentary on his understanding of the Islamic psyche.

Dr. Chopra should understand that what happened in Mumbai on November 26th (2008) and in New York on 9/11 is the continuation of same Jihad that Prophet Mohammed began in the Battle of Badr in the 7th Century Arabia. This Jihad, essentially, is a doctrine of permanent warfare. Under it, the religion enjoins on all Moslems to be ruthless… to all non-Moslems… for the cause of Allah. The true aim of Islam, thus, is the political domination of the entire world.

Many Moslems may be gleefully enjoying the incomprehension of the infidel population and their baffled leaders (like Deepak Chopra) who come up with meaningless and phony theories about Islam to satisfy their own ego and try to maintain their leadership/ scholarship in the marketplace.

Let him listen to Mr. Anwar Shaikh, a Moslem scholar from Pakistan settled in UK, who honestly stated that Islam is not a faith but a political national movement launched by Prophet Mohammed to establish the Arab cultural imperialism over non-Arab people of the world.

Under the circumstances, it is important that the well-meaning and high-profile people like Deepak Chopra come out courageously and organize a unified voice of the people that decries political correctness and proclaims: ‘Enough is enough.’ Persons of his stature and fame should demand of the Governments to protect the ordinary citizens rather than finding fault with the victims themselves.

Narain Kataria

Deceptive, Deliberate and Disingeneous Denial of “Hindu Holocaust” by Marxist Vijay Prashad

Deceptive, Deliberate and Disingeneous Denial of “Hindu Holocaust” by Marxist Vijay Prashad –
My Rebuttal to News India-Times

Narain Kataria

Prof. Vijay Prashad’s article in last week’s News India-Times that Islam in India did not spread at the point of sword, is based on the false assumptions and is devoid of factual data. His thesis seems to be largely motivated by his malicious attempt to obscure and falsify the Indian history. Prof. Prashad’s outrageous assertion not only misleads the Indian public opinion, it actually insults the country’s nine hundred fifty million majority Hindus who have been at the receiving end for so long. To say the least, Prof. Prashad’s premise is completely preposterous nonsense.

People with Hindu-sounding names like Prof. Prashad who masquerade in our community as intellectuals are actually diehard Marxists who suffer from the deep inferiority complex. They subconsciously hate themselves and their fellowmen and are ashamed of their glorious Hindu ancestry. After the comrades were universally discredited and the worldwide Communist movement collapsed, the Indian Communists have now established a sinister nexus with the Jehadi Islamists in subverting Indian polity.

India’s History is testimony to the fact that the Islamic period in our nation’s life was a dark and dismal period so far as the Hindus are concerned. For them, the Muslim rule brought untold sufferings and deadly suffocation, and invited fierce resistance from Hindus. Vandalism and senseless destruction by Muslims of the Hindu property and religious places was so vast in magnitude, so stark in its evil and so vulgar in its nature that it demands an eternal condemnation. The painful saga of the trauma and torture suffered by millions of our forefathers must be told and passed on to our children and to the rest of the world. They must be told the truth and nothing else but the whole truth.

Hence, there is a great need for building the Hindu Holocaust Museum. And, valiant Francois Gautier, the noted journalist from France has provided a lead in this direction and taken up the project of erecting one in Pune, India.

So bloody was the Muslim rule in the country that a noted Islamic historian Abbas Khan Sherwani has proudly recorded about one incident in his chronicle Tarikh-i-Farishtah: "The Hindoos were pursued and slain by (Muslim) allies with such success, that the river was dyed red with their blood. Over one hundred thousand (100,000) infidels were slain during the action and in pursuit.”

As apart of this chain of cruelty and terror, the Mogul king Jahangir forced the fifth Sikh Guru Arjun Dev to sit on a burning hot plate. While this inhuman act was in progress, the hot sand was simultaneously poured over his body. This beastly behavior was justified by the Muslim clergy because the sacred Guru tried to protect the hapless Hindu public from the senseless Muslim tyranny.

Indian history’s Muslim period was full of such terrible Islamic acts: The tenth Guru Gobind Singh`s two sons were bricked alive, brave Bhai Mati Das was sawed alive when he refused to convert to Islam, Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib was viciously tortured and finally beheaded by the Islamists.

Even in our own living memory in 1947, the Muslims forced upon us the partition of our Motherland. Muslims everywhere gleefully boasted and warned Hindus: “Hans ke Liya Hai Pakistan, Ladke Lenge Hindustan.” (We took Pakistan with ease; now we’ll take India by force.) To support that assertion, a reign of loot, kidnappings, murder, rape and terror has been unleashed against the Hindus and Sikhs and Buddhists. Through the conversions and killings, the Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced from 23% in 1947 to 1% in 2009. In Bangladesh, the same is reduced from the formidable 35% in 1947 to a mere 8% in 2009.

In Kashmir, more than 400,000 tortured and terrorized Hindu families had to leave their ancestral homes and hearths to take refuge in India. Over 3 million people were killed in Bangladesh in 1971 during the military action by Pakistani army; 90% of them were Hindus.
Muslims are tirelessly working – openly and brazenly – to convert the rest of India into "Dar-ul-Islam," the nation of Islam. The mega-size daring attacks in Mumbai, bomb blasts in Coimbatore, Godhra train massacres, the terrorist attack on National Parliament in New Delhi, attacks on the historic Amarnath Temple and on Akshardham temple in Gujarat all point clearly to that grand Islamic design of establishing Nizam-e-Mustafa, or the rule of Allah in the Hindu land.

In the face of such voluminous and irrefutable evidence all around about the Islamic brutalities and barbarities against the hapless Hindus, Comrade Vijay Prashad is vainly trying to whitewash the wanton cruelty and rapacity of Islamic rulers in India. He is shamelessly acting as a stooge and apologist on behalf of the Islamists. Comrade Vijay Prashad has stooped so low that he has actually made himself the laughing stock in eyes of all those who know India’s true history!

At this moment, there are one billion Hindus all over the world. They are smart, intelligent and rich and understand what is good for them. It is time for this one-sixth of the humanity to stand up in solidarity and gratitude with Mr. Francois Gautier. Six million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany and there are now hundreds of Jewish Holocaust Museums all over the world. Whereas, more than 40 million Hindus have been slaughtered in course of the last 1400 years and not a single memorial in their memory? What a disgrace!

At this time we Hindus must come out in droves and congratulate Francois Gautier who has displayed a rare foresight and vision to build a Hindu Holocaust Museum in India in memory of these 40 million Hindus who had to fall victims to the historic brutality of unimaginable proportions.

The courageous Mr. Gautier deserves all out gratitude and generous help from the general Hindu public…while the selfish and the lowly individuals like Comrade Vijay Prashad must be heaped the universal condemnation for their anti-Hindu phobia.



On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, I just want to remind my Hindu/Sikh/Buddh and Jain brothers and sisters about the following pledge which one thousand strong Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhists/Jains had undertaken on the 15th Annual Hindu Unity Day in New York on August 2nd in the presence of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, former Cabinet Minister, Francois Gautier, a prominent French journalist, Veer Raas Kavi Gajendra Solanki, Dr. Uma Mysorekar and other community leaders:

· I shall try my level best to restore dignity to Hinduism, and work for the unification and consolidation of Hindu Nation.
· I will volunteer, support and work for any organization/association/temple that promotes Hindu cause.
· I will devote my time, energy, intellectual capability and financial resources in the service of Brihad Virat Hindutva.
· I will try to learn Sanskrit and encourage my children and grand children to do the same
· I will campaign against the dowry system, untouchability and seek to eradicate them from Hindu society.
· I will stand up and be counted if any injustice and humiliation is heaped on Hindus.
· I will try to learn about the real History of India.
· I will support our Hindu temples run by our community.
· I will support and back leaders who pledge to be supportive of these Hindu interests. Hence, I will support with Tan (body) Man (mind) and Dhan (wealth) anyone promoting Hindu causes.

It is time to renew the pledge.

Very truly yours,

Narain Kataria


41-67 Judge Street, Suite 5P
Elmhurst, New York 11373
Tel: (718) 478-5735/(718) 271-0453

October 15, 2009

Hon. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Office of the Governor
State Capital Building
Sacramento, California 95814

Sub: Request to Revert Your Decision over Carrying of Kirpan by Sikhs

Hon. Governor Schwarzenegger:

We are highly perturbed and deeply disturbed to know that Your Honor has vetoed a unanimously passed bill (AB-504) over carrying of kirpan by Sikhs in California, stating that it was “unnecessary”.

Your decision has offended not only millions of Sikhs all over the world but also hurt the sensibilities of one billion Hindus who consider Sikhs as their elder brothers and fully appreciate and understand the significance of carrying a kirpan by Sikhs.

In this connection, we would like to inform you that kirpan had been made a part of Sikh Dharma (Religion) by our Gurus to enable Sikhs to protect themselves against the savagery and brutalities by Islamic radical brutes from Afghanistan who had unleashed the reign of loot, murder, rape and terror in the Indian state of Punjab for more than 1000 years and killed thousands of innocent Sikhs and Hindus.

For your information, we would also like to add here that Sikhs are known to be very brave, loyal, peaceful people, and are an asset to America. In India, Sikhs are held in high esteem by most of the Indians because they are religiously trained to protect honor of women and self-respect of the weak and the poor. The main motivation behind transforming Hindus into Sikhs was to defend the pride and dignity of Indian nation. During British rule in India, Sikhs were the mainstay of British Imperial Army and have won many laurels for their chivalry.

We believe that your decision is not based on wise counsel and has not taken historical factors into account.

The relationship between Hindus and Sikhs is akin to skin and nails. Hindus in India and all over the world consider Sikhs as their blood brothers. Hence, we request you to kindly reconsider your decision and permit our Sikh brothers to carry kirpan in your state - California. By doing so, you could win accolades from both; one billion Hindus and 25 Million Sikhs.

Very truly yours,

Narain Kataria

Sent by regular mail and
[Fax no. 916-558-3160]

Dhimmi Sree Sreenivasan Working Against Indian Interest

Letter to the Editor:

Dhimmi Sree Sreenivasan Working Against Indian Interest

Narain Kataria

According to The Times of India dated October 7, 2009 (, ISI of Pakistan has given an option to the surrendered Taliban either to go to jail or join Jihad against India. This is a very dangerous and frightening news.

On the one hand, Pakistan is deadly determined to destabilize and balkanize India with the help of sleeper cells in India and Taliban in Pakistan, and on the other hand, this far left Marxist academician from Columbia University, New York, Sree Sreenivasan of South Asian Journalists Association, has sent an email to SAJA list on October 4, 2009 encouraging Indian journalists to write stories for the promotion of American Pakistan Foundation. This activity smacks of dhimmitude and could conveniently be summed up as “anti-Indian”.

Please note that there are two types of dhimmies: (i) kafirs who become apologists for Islam, fear and defer to it and seek Islamic favor; and (ii) the subjugated dhimmies who suffer insult, humiliation, torture and brutalities under political Islam.

It is also a matter of great disgust that Sree Sreenivasan is misusing the resources of Indian journalists to promote Pakistan in this country and indirectly Jihad in India. He has to be stopped in his diabolical designs to harm India.

Thousands of Jai Chands and Man Singhs with Hindu-sounding names are masquerading as sheep in our society to hide their true identity, befool us, mislead us. weaken us and finally destroy us from within.

They strut around as our leaders but surreptitiously hobnob and collude with our enemies to create doubt and inferiority complex in our society.

Hindus should put a system in place to investigate the background of such persons, keep a watch on their anti-Indian activities, expose them, discredit them and boycott them socially.

By the way, Sree Sreenivasan is the son of a former Ambassador of India to USA, Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peaceful Vigil in front of Ground Zero in New York on 9/11

Peaceful Vigil in front of Ground Zero in New York on 9/11 -

Report from Narain Kataria

Facing gusty winds and heavy rains members of Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam (HRCARI), an apex body of 35 organizations listed below, staged a peaceful vigil in front of Ground Zero in New York on 9/11/2009.

HRCARI members – Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Sikhs and secular leaders gathered there to mourn the loss of all victims of Radical Islam – from the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, from Mumbai to Madrid, Lockerbie to London, Bali to Beslan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, from Somalia to Sudan, from Iraq to Israel, from the sailors on the USS Code to the Coptic Christians in Egypt, and from Kenya to Kashmir.

This multi-ethnic, diverse, rainbow coalition for human rights demanded American government officials, President Barak Obama and the mainstream media to connect the dots and report the truth about Radical Islam’s worldwide assault on human rights ( including mass murders and suicide bombings, hanging of gays, stoning women, honor killings, suppression of free speech, etc.) .

HRCARI also demanded the governments to take appropriate action to protect the civilized world and to slow, if not stop, the spread of Islamic Supremacism; this oppressive, bigoted, homophobic, misogynist, racist and violent doctrine which has spawned so much death and destruction.

The volunteers carried various posters saying “Since 9/11 Radical Islam has committed 11,961 attacks and killed 75,038 and injured 115,255 people”, “Stop billions of Saudi oil money funding worldwide to Radical Islam”, etc.

“The root cause of the murder and mayhem in Middle East, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Kashmir, Madrid, Mumbai, Beslan, Bali, Manila, USA, UK and other parts of the world is Radical Islam. Radical Islam is the greatest threat to human civilization. We should recognize the gravity of this threat”, warned Dr. Marvin Belsky of HRCARI.

Andrew Upton from the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam spoke of the difficulty in challenging an intolerant, bigoted , hate-filled and violent political doctrine when it hides behind the veil of religion; especially in America where tolerance of religious beliefs is so important to so many of us. Yet he emphasized the importance of unveiling the terrible truth about this doctrine as he recalled standing and watching in horror from just one block away as the second plane struck the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

Narrating the tragic story of the death and destruction wrought by Radical Islam, Rajinder Singh Khalsa, President, Sikh Recognition Trust said: “Our Ninth Guru Shri Teg Bahadur Singh ji was killed by Radical Islam and our Tenth Guru’s two sons also were bricked alive in the walls by Radical Islamists.

One of the organizer of the Vigil, Narain Kataria said: “Radical Islamic preaches an ideology that is intolerant, exclusive, oppressive, totalitarian, violates human rights of others, and is incompatible with American Constitution. Radical Islam has unleashed a war on humanity. For the survival and protection of humanity as a whole, it is absolutely essential for the civilized governments and the United Nations to nip in bud this totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion.

Bhupinder Singh Bhurji, Chairman of Namdhari Sikh Foundation, USA said: “What happened on 9/11 in New York has been happening for the hundreds of years in our country of origin - India. A couple of months ago thousands of our Hindu and Sikh brothers were asked to pay special tax (jazia) by Talibans in Pakistan. When they refused to pay the Dhimmi tax, their houses were ransacked, burnt and their businesses destroyed. According to a report in yesterday’s Times of India, as a result of torture and brutalization by Talibans, more than 5000 Hindus and Sikhs have fled Pakistan.

What America is doing now in Afghanistan, we Sikhs had done it 200 years ago and taught a befitting lesson to terrorists from Afghanistan. We Sikhs organized our army under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Lion of Punjab, and pushed all the Islamic invaders back to Afghanistan. Under our Commander Hari Singh Nalva we attacked Afghanistan and defeated them and broke their backbone. We built a very powerful human wall on the western front of India and insulated India from foreign attacks for ever.

Arish Sahani, one another member of HRCARI informed the audience that during the last 8 years, more than 13,000 terrorist attacks have taken place all over the world in which thousands of innocent men, women and children have been murdered. Referring to ethnic cleansing of Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians from Islamic nations, Mr. Sahani said that during the last 60 years, Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced from 23 to 1%, and it has been brought down from 30% to 7-8% in Bangladesh.

Dr. Vasudev Murthy, Mohinder Singh Gulati, a businessman, Kamal Pandey, Sher Bahadur Singh of Nepalese Foundation, , Bidyut Sarkar of International Foundation of Bangladeshi Hindus, Satya Dosapati, Pabitra Choudhury and other activists also expressed their outrage and disgust against Radical Islam.

The Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam includes:

9/11 Families for a Secure America, ACT for America, Long Island & Manhattan, AISH Center, Alliance of Interfaith Resistance, AMCHA,American Coptic Union, American Center for Democracy, Americans for Peace & Tolerance, Arabs for Israel, Artists4Israel, Center for Security Policy, Chinese Community Relations Council(CCRC), Clarion Fund, Damanga( Darfur Muslims), David Project, Forcefield, Foundation of Nepalese, Global Movement Against Radical Islam, Hasbara Fellowships, Hindu Human Rights Watch, Indian-American Intellectuals Forum, Institute for Religion & Democracy, International Foundation of Bangladeshi Hindus, Jewish Action Alliance, Mothers Against Terrorism, Muslims Against Sharia, Namdhari Sikh Foundation, R.E.A.L Courage, Security & Law Society, Fordham University School of Law, Sikh Recognition Trust, Stand With Us, Sudan Freedom Walk, The Intelligence Summit, The United Nationalist Nepalese (UNN), Women United: Code Red, Zionist Organization of America

Friday, May 22, 2009

Protest Against Atrocities on Sikhs in Pakistan


Mr. Mohsin Razi
Consul General of Pakistan
12 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10065

Sub: Protest Against Atrocities on Sikhs in Pakistan

Hon. Mohsin Razi:

We, the undersigned, living in New York are highly perturbed and deeply disturbed at the atrocities perpetrated on our Sikh brothers in Pakistan.

It is a matter of great regret and shame that our Sikh brothers in Pakistan were targeted by Taliban to pay $50 million as religious tax (Jazia). When they refused to pay the Jazia, their houses were ransacked, looted and blown to bits. They were terrorized and warned that they would be killed if they did not pay the tax.

We consider this as an egregious violation of human rights. Because of threat to their lives, 150 Sikh families have moved from Buner, Swat and Aurakzai Agency to Rawalpindi, Lahore and other parts of the country.

State Department spokesman Robert Wood has described Taliban as “ruthless killers”. We are very anguished to note that Government of Pakistan has so far taken no action to bring the culprits to the book. We condemn Pakistan government’s deliberate connivance at criminal activities by Taliban towards our Sikh brothers.

We would also bring to your attention that last month a group of 35 Hindu people crossed over to India and sought Government of India’s permission to stay in India because they could not take the harassment and barbarities of Taliban.

Sikhs have been living in Pakistan under subhuman conditions. In 2007, Jihad Watch had reported that an 18th Century Sikh Gurudwara in Lahore was taken over by a Muslim group and converted into a mosque.

Hence, we urge you to kindly bring to the attention of Government of Pakistan our distress and apprehension, and ensure safety and security of our Sikh brothers in Pakistan.

Very truly yours,
Narain Kataria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum, New York
(718) 478-5735

Bhupinder Singh Bhurji
Chairman and CEO
Namdhari Sikh Foundation, New York
(917) 370-2500



Report from Narain Kataria, New York

The Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam organized an impressive rally on May 3, 2009 at Times Square right in the heart of New York City in which approximately 500 people participated. The rally was held on behalf of many victims of Islam and in defense of human rights and freedom. The purpose was to express an outrage at the rising tide of Radical Islam all over the globe and to educate and awaken the Americans at gross root level regarding the threat of Radical Islam posed to America and other countries of the free world.

Addressing the outdoor rally of enthusiastic activists in the pouring rain, Dr. Tawfik Hameed, a former member of Jemaah Islamiyah of Egypt, called for the defeat of Radical Islam. He urged the audience to heighten their awareness of danger from Islamic supremacism to the human rights all across the globe.

Pastor Gerald Bell, a black minister from Boston, pointing to the site of 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, said that “we, the people of all races and many cultures and countries” must band together to resist the world’s newest barbarism, the Radical Political Islam.

In the recent past, America strengthened the forces of freedom when it defeated the fascism and communism. But today, it is the Political Islam that is surging all around the globe. Propelled by the twin engines of terror and deception, Political Islam enslaves and slaughters blacks in Africa; assaults Christian communities in Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan; oppresses the Bahais, Sikhs and Hindus on Indian subcontinent; subjugates and beats women in Islamic communities; murders gays; demonizes and kills Jews; subjugates and hunts moderate Muslims.

Arish Sahani, a human rights activist from the Indian community and the Vice President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum recounted history of the last 1400 years in that connection. In that period, the radical Islam has caused the murder of 270 million human beings: among them 120 million Africans, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus and Sikhs and 10 million Buddhists. Tracing India’s history, Mr. Sahani recalled that in the year 1399, Turkish invader Sultan Taimur (Tamerlane) massacred 100,000 Hindus in India in a single day.

Mr. Sahani pointedly asked the audience the following questions:
Do you want to live under the radical Islam?
Do you know what radical Islam really is?
Do you know what happens when the radical Islam takes over your area?
Do you know that under the radical Islam no other religion is allowed to exist?

“We must stand up to the evil that radical Islam represents,” declared Mohamed Yahya, a human rights leader who had earlier traveled to Sudan to rescue African slaves from their Arab (Muslim) captors. “The barbarism that I personally witnessed there was simply indescribable. I tell you that amongst radical Islamists nobody is safe. Their agenda is to enslave, rape, kidnap and murder the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, and anyone who does not subscribe to their baneful credo.”

Mr. Yahya proclaimed loudly that Radical Islam openly threatens to conquer the West. Confused, befuddled, imbecilic Western leaders pretend as if the danger is not there; they wish away the nightmare. But we, who have faced so many Islamist atrocities, know better and cannot close our eyes to that horrific reality.

Mr. Bhupinder Singh Bhurji, Chairman and CEO of Namdhari Sikh Foundation said, “I am an American Sikh. Originally I am from India. Our religion is the youngest one in the world. We are the followers of Guru Nanak ji, a great philosopher, poet and saint. We Sikhs believe in the dignity of human life. We believe in peace, harmony and brotherhood between all beings.

He continued, “We Sikhs have suffered the most at the hands of Radical Islam in the last 400 years of Islamic rule. I would like to narrate only a few instances of Islamic barbarity and savagery.

“In Sixteen Century India was attacked by Islamic invaders from Afghanistan. Our spiritual master Guru Nanak Dev ji was put in jail by Moslem King and persecuted. Subsequently, thousands of Sikhs were chased and killed. Our fifth Guru Arjun Dev ji was forced to sit on a hot plate with the blazing fire underneath. Hot sand was poured over his body and he achieved martyrdom. Our ninth Guru Teg Bahadur Saheb was also brutalized inhumanely and achieved martyrdom for the sake of faith and humanity. Our tenth Guru Govind Singhji’s two young sons were bricked alive by Islamists by not agreeing to accept Islam.

“In the end, we said enough is enough and drove out the invaders from our region. Historically, we Sikhs are reputed to be brave people and fearless fighters. That’s why we were the mainstay of the colonial British army then and the army of the free India now. The world can learn from Sikhs how to handle the Islamist barbarism.”

“In the world with Radical Islam, our freedom of expression is in danger. The future of our children is in danger. On behalf of my organization, I offer my full support to the Human Rights Coalition against the Radical Islam.” He ended his speech by shouting “God Bless America.”

Beth Gilinsky of the Jewish Action Alliance summarized it by saying, “Radical Islam, Islamic Supremacy, Sharia Law, Jihadism – call it what you will – but we know that it is all about the killing of ‘infidels’ and ‘apostates.’ The main agenda of Radical Islam is the slaughter of innocent people because of their faith, their political beliefs and convictions, or just because of who they are.”

Other speakers in the gathering were Michael W. Cutler of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based think tank and Shlomi Azulay, an Israeli survivor of a Hamas suicide bombing attack in downtown Jerusalem in 2002.

The following organizations, diverse in composition but united in the purpose, enthusiastically participated in the Rally. 911 Families for a Secure America, ACT for America, Long Island and Manhattan, AIR - Alliance for Interfaith Resistance, Aish Center, American Coptic Union, Americans for a Safe Israel, Alliance of Iranian Women, AMCHA-Coalition for Jewish Concerns, American Center for Democracy, Americans for Peace & Tolerance, Arabs for Israel, Artists4Israel, Atlas Shrugs, Center for Security Policy, Chinese Community Relations Council, Coalition for Israel, Damanga (Darfur Muslim organization), The David Project, Fordham University School of Law's National Security and Law Society, Foundation of Nepalese Americans, Gathering of Eagles-NY, Global Movement Against Radical Islam, Hasbara Fellowships, Hindu Human Rights Watch, Indian American Intellectuals Forum, International Foundation of Bangladeshi Hindus, Iraq the Model, Israpundit, Jewish Action Alliance, Jihad Watch, Mothers Against Terrorism, Muslims Against Sharia, Namdhari Sikh Foundation, R.E.A.L. - Responsible for Equality and Liberty, Sikh Recognition Trust, Snapped Shot, StandWithUS, Sudan Freedom Walk, Women United: Code Red, The World Committee for the Land of Israel, Zionist Organization of America.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
7 Race Course Road
New Delhi, India

November 30, 2006


Hon. Manmohan Singhji:

Sat Sri Akal!

It has come to our attention that Mr. Arjun Singh, the Human Resources and Development Minister in your government has concluded an agreement with Saudi Arabian government under which a few billion dollars will be given to Jamia Milia University in Delhi to establish an Arabic Center in India. Under the terms of this agreement, it is understood that hundreds of Arabs will come to India to propagate the Arabism and Islam.

In our view, a dangerous step like that will only help accelerate the Islamization of India besides having a deleterious effect on our internal security, the consequences of which cannot be realized at this time.

It is important to realize that Saudi Arabia is ruled by a Wahabi sect of Islam which is considered virulently extremist and dangerously fundamentalist. We suspect the real intent of Saudi Arabia in giving billions of dollars to a Muslim University in India. We believe that it is a part of the grand conspiracy to suck India into the vortex of pan-Islamic movement. We should also not forget that it was Aligarh Muslim University which produced fanatic Muslim leaders like late Liaqat Ali Khan, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan. India has already suffered a lot at the hands of Islamic terrorists. It will be a height of insanity on the part of UPA Government to enter into such damaging agreements that could destabilize India and endanger its internal security.

History is a testimony to the fact that India, in the past, was not defeated because of the lack of valor and chivalry on part of Indian rulers but because of the treachery of its Jai Chands and Man Singhs. It was Jai Chand who invited Mohammed Ghori to attack India. Also, it was Man Singh who helped the Muslim ruler Akbar to consolidate Islamic rule in India. In the same manner, Mr. Arjun Singh is now inviting Saudi Arabia to spread Islam in India.

Arjun Singh is obviously anti-Hindu, anti-Indian and an appeaser of a minority community. He is infamous for falsifying Indian history. His other moves to pit Hindu castes against one another by extending the reservations for OBCs to even private colleges and to institutions of higher learning and at the same time excluding Muslim institutions from having to provide reservations for OBC Hindus, shows how hateful he is of Hindus and how shamelessly he is trying to cozy up to the fundamentalist Muslims for their votes. This man is out and out dangerous. He is an enemy of Hindus and an enemy of Bharat. He is an enemy of excellence, an enemy of all that is decent and has no regard for ideas like reverence and respect for all religions and equality of all human beings.

In our observation, Arjun Singh is born with an animus against the Hindu people. His actions are, to say the least, detestable, demeaning, and subversive. We believe that he suffers from some sort of cognitive disorder. That is the reason he derives vicarious pleasure by hurting Hindu sentiments. Hence, we demand that the HRD minister Arjun Singh be dismissed immediately from your Cabinet.


Narain Kataria

Note: Petition based on the information provided at

Monday, March 2, 2009


From Narain Kataria, New York

The world is under siege. This siege has been laid by radical Islamists. Radical Islamists believe in the holy war – Jihad, a pure and simple terrorism. Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini had said: “Holy war (jihad) means the conquest of all non-Muslim territories.” Islamic groups use jihad to achieve the political dominance of the entire globe.

Jihad is a doctrine of permanent warfare. It is to be continued in every country wherever Muslims live. It is incumbent on jihadists to slaughter the unbelievers, kidnap and rape their women, enslave their children, all for the simple reason that they do not believe in Allah, Koran and Mohammed. Another Islamic scholar Syed Abul A'ala Maudoodi, founder of the Jamaat-e-Islami proclaimed: “The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of the mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy it.”

Shaikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, who planned the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, funneled these words to his fellow faithfuls: “Oh, you Muslims everywhere, sever the ties of their nation, tear them apart, ruin their economy, instigate against their corporations, destroy their embassies, attack their interests, sink their ships, and shoot down these airplanes. Kill them in land, at sea, and in the air, kill them wherever you find them.” (Babbin, in the Words of Our Enemies, p. 60)

Radical Islamists are very honest when they talk about their vision of future of Islam. They are forthright when they say that their aim is to establish Caliphate – means rule of Allah - all over the world. The concept of Caliphate has stirred the imagination of radical Islamists. Caliphate existed from 632 to 1924 when the last remnant of Caliphate was abolished in Turkey by Mustafa Kamal Pasha.

In Germany 73%, in Poland 77%, in India 73%, in Russia 71%, in U.S. 67% and in Canada 61% people believe that Islam is the most violent religion.

In view of the above sample exhortations from the Muslim leaders, the question arises: “Should we believe in the sanctimonious rhetoric that Islam is a peaceful religion? Can we counter the religious bigotry and obscurantism by dilettantism? Will the liberal intelligentsia that believes in political correctness succeed in handling radical Islamists extolling the virtues of violence and savagery? Will the willful prevarication of left-leaning political class save us from the impending doom and imminent disaster?”

There are more than 57 Islamic countries in the world. In the arc extending from Cairo to Jakarta, India and Israel are the only two credible non-Moslem democracies. Israel is completely surrounded by Moslem nations. Islamic nations are just waiting for an opportunity to destroy, annihilate and erase Israel’s existence from the face of Earth.

History is testimony to the fact that Moslems forcibly wrested one third of India from Hindus at the time of Partition in 1947. In 1974, Moslem nation Turkey, militarily invaded Cyprus and forcibly created a Moslem state in it. Moslems have transformed Lebanon from the Christian majority state to the one that is Moslem majority. A brand new Muslim nation of Kosovo has been planted in the heart of Europe.

George W. Bush, in his State of Union Address on Jan. 29, 2002, in order to describe governments that he accused of helping terrorism coined the term “Axis of Evil”. President Bush named Iran, Iraq and North Korea. But in the changed circumstances, the term “Axis of Evil” can be modified and extended to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Iran is covertly developing nuclear weapons. Fox News recently reported that Iran is capable of producing nuclear bomb this year. Iran has acquired BM25 land-mobile missiles with a range of 3500 km that can strike targets in Europe. It is testing ballistic missiles designed to destroy the American cities. In addition to that Iran is surreptitiously supplying the rockets, missiles and other dangerous weapon systems to Hamas and Hizbollah in Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia is building mosques all over the world. These mosques then run Madrasas. Madrasas are the factories for manufacturing terrorists. Terrorists are systematically trained in Pakistan by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Agency (ISI) and then exported all over the world to kill the infidels (again, infidels are those 4.5 billion non-Muslim humans on globe that do not believe in Allah, Koran and Mohammad). Thus, ISI, the Pakistan’s official intelligence agency is waging a jihad against the infidel India and is using the nuclear weapons to blackmail her.

In that country, which is more than 99% Islamic, the thorough cleansing of religious minorities has already been completed. Fuelled by petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia and emboldened by Pakistan’s Islamic bomb, Islamists are on a march to establish Caliphet and impose Sharia (Islamic law) on all of us. China’s direct military help to Pakistan, Russia’s similar help to Iran and other Arab nations has further increased the appetite of Jihadists to achieve their dream of Islamic domination over the Western Europe, America and India.

Saudi Arabia is notorious for being a big funding source for the hate-filled extremist ideologies. A few years ago Saudi Arabia’s ruler King Fahd had himself ordered a fundraising in the amount of $100 million for families of Palestinian terrorists. According to a State Department report, the Saudi Arabian donors are a primary source of funding to the terrorist outfit Hamas in Lebanon. Wealthy Saudi Arabians who are closely related to the King have been bankrolling extremism through various charitable contributions. Again, according to another State Department report, Al Qaeda is a constant fundraising machine; the country from where it raises the most is, indisputably, the Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan has become not only the laboratory of radical Islam but it also is a major sponsor of terrorism. The political disintegration of Pakistan is not only central to winning the war on terror, but also essential for a stable peace in the South Asia. Pakistan uses terrorism as a tool of its foreign policy. The Pakistani politicians are very shrewd and cunning by nature and design. They meticulously follow the strategy established by Prophet Mohammed in the Treaty of Al-Hudaybiyah in 628 – to buy time and build the military strength.

On one hand, the Pakistan administration has been maintaining the fa├žade of working closely with United States in fighting Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, and on the other most of its core commanders aid, abet and hobnob with the Jihadists to advance the cause of Islam. In the process, they have fleeced the American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. In order to fool the US, once in a while, they arrest some poor Moslem guy, declare the arrest of a leading local commander of some militant group, give wide publicity to the fabricated event and hoodwink US. Pakistan is the true epicenter of terrorism in world, as well as the breeding ground of future hard-core terrorists.

Addressing a meeting at Asia Society, Salman Rushdie, the famous Booker award novelist said: The headquarters of the Al Qaeda, the headquarters of the Taliban, the headquarters of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the headquarters of Jaish-e-Mohammad are in the world’s center of terrorism – Pakistan.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, addressing the conference organized by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in New York at New York Palace Hotel said that he was worried about the Islamic Jihad developing in India.

There is a growing concern in the world that nuclear Pakistan will inevitably assist other radical Islamist countries and groups, including those that have targeted Israel, to develop their own nuclear weapons.

It is important to remember that the same ideology that caused the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, 11/26/2008 massacres in Mumbai, 7/7/2005 attacks on London’s public transport network, 3/11/2004 Madrid train bombing, 9/1/2004 merciless murder of school children at Beslan, Russia, 3/5/2003 terror blast in Bali, Indonesia, has in the last ten years resulted in the murder of thousands of Indians (mostly Hindus) in hundreds of terror incidents.

In 1940’s we defeated Nazism. A few decades later, we smashed Communist ideology. In the 21st century, however, we are confronted with a deceitful, hateful and the most dangerous enemy who has entrenched itself in our midst. At approximately 22% of the global population, the Islamists are determined to impose their ideology on the remaining 78% gullible but peace-loving citizens of world!

If we look at it carefully, it is really not that difficult to defeat the diabolical designs of our enemies who use sophistry and subterfuge. We know that, in the past, Islam had touched the nadir of humiliation in 732 at the hands of Charles Mortell, the defender of Europe, at the Battle of Tours. Again in 1971 Bangladesh War, valiant Indian forces lead by Zoroastrian Field Martial Manekshaw, Jewish General J.F.R. Jacob, and Sikh Lt.-Gen. Jagjit Singh Arora made Pakistanis sheepishly surrender at Dacca. The brave Indian commanders captured over 90,000 Moslem soldiers as prisoners-of-war, who foolishly and mistakenly believed the Islamic propaganda that they did indeed belong to an invincible “martial race!” In the situation, the defeated Pakistani soldiers had to beg for mercy.

Islamists have plans to plant the Islamic flag on White House, 10 Downing Street, New Delhi and other major capitals of the world. America is the military superpower. India has the manpower, brains and technology. Israel has a clear-cut strategy to overpower the Islamists, as also understands their dreadful, inhumane ideology.

For the sake of the survival of human civilization, freedom, liberty and democracy, it is imperative that these democracies devise strategies in cooperation with UK, France, Russia and other victims of Islamism, to extirpate the threat to our existence.
In order to avert the looming catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude, it is absolutely essential that we give up squeamishness, apathy and pusillanimity. Apocalyptic annihilation is staring us in our eyes. We can ignore it only at our own peril!


The author is the President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, a New York based association. It organizes seminars and holds public meeting with a view to spread an awareness about the menace of terrorism.

Friday, January 23, 2009



(Truth Prevails)

Dear Colleagues:

It will give you pleasure to know that the Complaint filed by Indian National Overseas Congress at the instance of Indian National Congress headed by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, against Satya Dosapati, Naresh Sharma, Mahatma Gandhi Center and Hindu Temple, International Foundation, Inc., Sunanda Thali, Hindu International Concil Against Defamation, Inc., and John Does 1-100, was dismissed with prejudice by Judge Nicholas J. Stroumtsos, Jr., J.S.C. on Jan. 14th, 2009.

In this connection, I would like to inform you that earlier Indian National Overseas Congress had filed two cases against Narain Kataria (me), Arish Sahani, et al. in New York Court and against Satya Dosapati, Sunanda Thali, et al. in New Jersey Court in the amout of $100 million. Since the allegations were frivolous, flimsy and had no locus standi, they were rejected. The New Jersey case was flatly dismissed and New York case was withdrawn by the Plaintiff.

The purpose behind filing these three cases against us was to muzzle our voice, make us financially bankrupt, isolate us, make an example of us and terrorize us into submission.

But the unity and solidarity displayed by NRIs have shattered the malicious designs of those who do not believe in freedom of expression and liberty of thought.

This is the third consecutive ignominious defeat suffered by Indian National Overseas Congress.

We have set an unprecedented example for all the NRIs to follow. The lesson is that if we all stand up together courageously with unshakeable determination, no one, howsoever powerful he or she may be, can match our resolve and resources.

Congratulation to all of you for this brilliant victory. The credit for this goes to all of you who stood behind us like a rock.

Copy of the judgment is attached herewith.

With highest regards,

Narain Kataria


Terrorism Awareness
Campaign in front of White House

While more than one million people were jubilantly dancing and celebrating Barack Obama’s inauguration as 44th President of the United States of America, Hindu groups from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia, in cooperation with Jewish, Christians and Sikh organizations, under the banner of Coalition for Peace, staged a successful demonstration in front of White House from 1.00 to 4:00 p.m. in the freezing temperatures.

The demonstration could be called successful because the organizers and activists were interviewed by professional media and private bloggers. In addition to that thousands of onlookers evinced keen interest in the demonstration and wanted to know more about radical Islamic movement in America.

These groups had assembled there to exercise their right of freedom of speech guaranteed under the US Constitution and they created a sort of history on that day. Their principal purpose in assembling was to spread the awareness among the general American public about the dangers arising out of radical Islamic terrorism unleashed by the adherent of an ideology that openly preaches hate, intolerance, murder and mayhem of innocent people.

In their message, the demonstrators, approximately one hundred in number, urged President Obama to help protect the free world from radical Islam. They carried banners saying “President Obama, Yes You Can! For World Peace,” “Stop Pakistan’s Double Game,” “Seize Saudi Arabia's Assets to Pay for Crimes Against Humanity,” “Reform Radical Islamic Madrasas,” “Force Iran to halt its nuclear weapons program because it directly threatens Israel,” “Pressurize Pakistan to Disband Terrorist Training Camps” and so on.

The youthful demonstrators pointed out that the same ideology that caused the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, 11/26/2008 massacre in Mumbai two months ago, 7/7/2005 attack on London’s transport network, 3/11/2004 Madrid train bombing, 9/1/2004 merciless murder of school children at Beslan, Russia, 3/5/2003 terror blast in Bali, Indonesia, has in the last ten years resulted in the murder of thousands of Indians (mostly Hindus) in hundreds of terror incidents.

The same ideology also threatens to wipe out Israel from the face of the Earth. It has resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and Bangladesh, reduced the Hindu numbers in Pakistan from 23% in 1947 to 1% now.

“Islamist terrorism is a problem not just for India and Israel, but it is a dangerous menace for the entire Free World. It is also a problem for those Muslims who yearn for the freedom of thought, as opposed to the tyranny imposed on them by Islamist theology,” said Arish Sahani, one of the organizers of the protest.

The demonstrators argued that political Islam, fueled by oil revenues, “is nothing short of a serious threat to the humanity and freedom of thought.” “It is absolutely essential for the US, the world’s only Super Power, to take a lead in exterminating the terrorism from the face of Earth. Mr. Obama, yes, you can!” said Narain Kataria. Mr. Kataria further said that Pakistan is not only the epicenter of terrorism but also a breeding ground for future hard core terrorists.

Many groups that supported the rally included Hindu Human Rights Watch, Americans for a Safe Israel, Jewish Action Alliance, Indian American Intellectuals Forum, Zionist Organization of America, Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign, Christians and Jews United for Israel, Maccabean Resistance Movement and Namdhari Sikh Foundation. Mr. Richard A. Hellman, President of Middle East Research Center, Ltd. also took part in the demonstration.

The Jewish Voice and Opinion group of Englewood, NJ, also supported the campaign. “Joining the Coalition for Peace , which will also reach out to the like-minded Hindus, Christians and moderate Muslims, is one of the Jewish community’s best options for making a difference in the struggle to overcome Islamist terrorism, ” said Susan Rosenbluth, editor of The Jewish Voice and Opinion.

“In order to prevent a repeat of the Mumbai terror attacks elsewhere in the world, it is incumbent upon the entire humanity to work together, and impress upon and implore President Barack Obama to lead us in this battle for peace” said Mr. Dosapati, another organizer of this campaign.

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