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We are deeply disturbed at the arrest and physical torture (as alleged by Sadhvi’s brother-in-law Bhagwan Jha) of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur alias Sadhvi Purnachetanand Giri who has been, allegedly, charged in the Malegaon bomb-blast in the State of Maharashtra and is reportedly being interrogated by the Anti Terrorist Squad in Mumbai.

This is a very disconcerting news for all those who love India . All political leaders must understand that, at the moment, Hindus are under siege in their own country. They have been pushed to the wall. On one hand, the pseudo-secularist, Leftist and anti-Hindu politicians in collaboration with the anti-Hindu media managers have ganged up to malign, degrade and demonize Hindu icons, and on the other hand foreign terrorists in league with home grown Islamic terrorists have been ravaging India and murdering the Hindu citizens with impunity in every state of India every year. The Central Government has demonstrated its incompetence and dhimmitude towards the terrorists acts by total inaction for many years.

Sadhvi Pragya is the product of the tragic times when the present UPA government led by the Congress party President Sonia Gandhi is shamelessly and openly pursuing the pro-terrorist policies. They are appeasing the Islamic leaders and even terrorists in return for the Muslim votes. The result is the creation of conditions dangerous to the security of our nation and the safety of common man.

There is a fast generating sense of disappointment and anger in the minds of country’s Nine Hundred Fifty million Hindus. From the latest bomb attacks in the North-Eastern state of Assam – in which more than 75 innocent citizens were butchered – it has become quite apparent that the present Government of India has failed miserably to protect the lives and property of Hindu citizens in contrast to the US where there are hardly any terrorist acts since 9/11/2001.

To divert the people’s attention, the anti-Hindu rulers of India have now adopted new tactics. They have now branded a Hindu nationalist spiritual leader, Sadhvi Pragya, as a terrorist! But the public knows better. Sadhvi Pragya is a rare jewel who loves India deeply. That is why, at a very tender age she has renounced the material comforts and dedicated her life to the propagation of country’s ancestral heritage. A person like that cannot even think about destroying India. For a bright young educated person, this is not a small sacrifice. Whatever other way you describe her, Sadhvi Pragya just cannot be labeled a terrorist. It is like calling Samartha Shri Swami Ramdas "terrorist" because he was providing moral support to Chatrapati Shivaji. Neither was Shivaji a terrorist and all of us now know that he was a patriot just like Shri Subhashchandra Bose.

It may be alleged that she could have taken the law into her own hands. Seeing the government of the day being soft on the terrorists and even pleading for clemency for the convicted terrorists like Afzal Guru, Sadhvi may have demonstrated her mis-guided political-philosophical zeal for fighting the single handed battle against the country’s enemies who enjoy the sympathy and patronage of Congress-Left and other ‘secularist’ groups. That can be understandable but it is inconceivable that she is directly responsible for any acts of violence.

The law enforcement agencies in India have shown topsy-turvy wrong-headed extra zeal in mistreating a lady spiritual leader of Hindus while consistently soft-pedaling criminal investigation against the hard core jihadi terrorists. Let us not forget that the long respected tenet for Hindus in India has been: "Yatra naryastu poojyante tatra vasanti (santi) Devaah;" paraphrasing its meaning, "the nobility of any civilization is assessed by how the women are treated in that society." The UPA Government and Mumbai Police may be disregarding this standard expected of them especially in India.

It reminds one of Dushshasana in Mahabharata attempting to shame and embarrass Draupadi by disrobing her in the public. It is imperative that all Hindus remember that Shri Krishna came to her rescue, and it is the duty of every true Hindu to rise in defense of Sadhvi Pragya to defend her honor. It is absolutely absurd and unjustified to label Sadhvi and her colleagues as “terrorists.”

We should clearly understand in unambiguous terms that while the aim of Hindu patriots is to safeguard the Indian democracy and protect Indian citizens from being slaughtered by the Islamic militants, the major evil is the agenda of Islamic terrorists meant to destroy the Indian polity and establish Nizam-e-Mustafa (Islamic rule) in India .Additionally, we understand that Sadhvi Pragya is being subjected to the narco-analysis, an investigative test usually reserved for the hard-core criminals. We deplore this development. Sadhvi Pragya is a nationalist; she is not a criminal.

According to Shashwat Bajpai, a student of Amity Law School , New Delhi , “While expert studies and court opinions available internationally have granted that there may be some limited use of narco-analysis, the overwhelming evidence is that narco-analysis is by no means a reliable science. It is an invasive technique and potentially harmful for normal brain and long ago declared unreliable as a "truth serum" by many International courts of law. Forcing such sedation on the Sadhvi is an insult to the dignity of Hindu Samaj.

“Therefore, such a dubious technique of interrogation which requires enormous amounts of training and patience – the skills evidently lacking in much of the police force or even psychiatrists in India – should be prohibited in the Indian Criminal system as it fundamentally violates the presumption of innocence.”

This test does not meet the "Frye vs US " and Daubert principles of expert testimony in the US and is long ago abandoned as an antiquated test.

Wikipedia encyclopedia also states, “… the result of such test cannot be used as evidence in the court of law since it violates fundamental right against self-incrimination (Article 20(3) of the Constitution of India and the Miranda principle). This has come under increasing criticism from the public and the media.

“Such tests generally don’t have legal validity as confessions made by a semi-conscious person under "conscious sedation" are not admissible in the courts of law.”

Under the circumstances, it is incumbent on Hindu leaders in India and all over the world to provide all necessary legal and financial help to Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and her colleagues in their efforts to fight off the politically motivated charges by the government that is unable and unwilling to provide the reasonable protection to its patriotic citizens from the treacherous terrorist attacks.

It is important to recognize here the historical fact that the Hindus have suffered for a very long time at the hands of anti-Hindu rulers and their oppressive governments. It may be time now for the patriotic citizens to mobilize the Hindu voters – and, the whole Nine Hundred Fifty million of them – to establish the pro-Hindu government in the only known Hindu country in the world which has been truly secular, demonstrating pristine dharmasahishnuta and pantha- nirapekshata (true secularism) for millennia without any lessons of secularism from the West.

Narain Kataria

Press Release: Congratulation to Dr. Uma Mysorekar

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Press Release: Congratulation to Dr. Uma Mysorekar

It is a matter of great satisfaction and pride for Hindus in America that Dr. Uma Mysorekar, President of The Hindu Temple Society of North America and a prominent Hindu leader, has been conferred the prestigious Kannada Rajyotsava Award of the Karnataka Government by Chief Minister B.S. Yudiyurappa, for her services to Hindu Dharma in a foreign land.

Dr. Mysorekar has been an eminent spokesperson for Hindus. She has a high profile and visibility on the North American mass media. She is a frequently sought speaker because of her skills as a superb communicator. She routinely represents Hindus in the Interfaith Conferences in North America.

Hindus in New York in general and Indian American Intellectuals Forum in particular feel elated at the felicitation of Dr. Uma Mysorekar especially because Indian American Intellectuals Forum and Hindu Temple Society of North America have been working in cooperation to celebrate Hindu Sangathan Divas (Hindu Unity Day) in New York for several years. Hindu Unity Day has become a tradition in New York and attracts thousands of Hindus irrespective of their caste, creed, color, province, or nationality.

Indian Intellectuals Forum heartily congratulates Dr. Uma Mysorekar for bringing glory to Hindu Dharma.

Indian Intellectuals Forum is a New York based organization devoted to strengthening Indo-US relationship at the grass root level by holding educational conferences and symposia on Indian perspectives as well as by participating in local anti-terrorist discussion groups.

Narain Kataria