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Is Deepak Chopra Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or Dhimmitude, or Both

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Is Deepak Chopra Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or Dhimmitude, or Both

December 3, 2008

While speaking on ‘Larry King Live’ show on CNN, on November 26th on the subject of Islamic terror in Mumbai, Dr. Deepak Chopra, the famous author and philosopher, mischievously and deliberately tried to equate the Islamic terrorism in India with Hindu fundamentalism. He may not have realized that in doing so, he has grievously hurt the sentiments of one billion peace-loving and law-abiding Hindus all over the world.

In the interview, Dr. Chopra further blamed USA government for its attitude towards Islam and, in effect, advised the millions of viewers that they should appease the Moslem world. He even warned that “if we do not… we’re going to have a problem on our hands.” (
The tone and tenor of Deepak Chopra’s response, no doubt, is reflective of his inner state of mind. Dr. Chopra is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome––or worse, the Dhimmitude––or even both. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological condition seen in an abducted hostage, in which case the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the abductor. The term Dhimmi is applied to the non- Moslem population that stays subjugated, becomes apologist for Islam, fears and defers to it and seeks Islamic favor.

I am not certain whether Dr. Deepak Chopra is a victim of the vicious propaganda blitz unleashed against Hindus by the perverted Communist cardholders in India and USA, who are entrenched in media. I am also not sure whether he himself is confused, or he is deliberately and mischievously confounding the gullible American citizens.

Dr. Chopra is a well-known author and philosopher. From his responses to Larry King in the above interview, one can easily figure out that Deepak Chopra’s knowledge about Islam is based merely on hearsay. It would have been much better had he confined his responses to his pet subject – the philosophy.

By dabbling in the topics such as jihad, terrorism, radical Islam that seem to be beyond his comprehension, Dr. Chopra has made himself a laughing stock in the eyes of those who are fully familiar with the Islamic psyche and the counter-terrorism. Hence, Dr. Chopra should be treated with the scorn and contempt he deserves for acting as an advocate and apologist for the radical Islam.

In the interview, through the words like ‘Hindu fundamentalism,’ Dr. Chopra has even tried to tarnish the image of peace-loving Hindu people who have suffered unprecedented brutalities, unbearable carnage, and horrendous savagery at the hands of Moslems in the last 1400 years.
For the information of Dr. Chopra, Moslems have already taken away a one-third of India through the partitioning in 1947 between secular India and Islamic Pakistan. As a consequence, more than 10 million Hindus and Sikhs were thrown out of their sacred ancestral land, leaving most of their possessions behind. Again in 1971, another 10 million Hindus were forcibly driven out of what became Bangladesh, or were converted to Islam.

Most recently, in 1989-1990, over 400,000 Hindus and Sikhs were pushed out of their homes and hearths in the northern State of Kashmir; these were the original inhabitants of this beautiful land variously described as the heaven-on-earth. More than 10,000 Indian army soldiers have been killed by Jihadists, while they valiantly defended their country and its people. Thousands more have been bombed and killed in the Islamic terrorist hits on the large Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Varanasi, Hyderabad, etc.

It is not only unbecoming but also degrading on the part of Dr. Chopra to reprimand Hindus in spite of the results of the study concluded by the investigative team headed by Justice D.S. Tewatia, former Chief Justice of the Kolkata High Court, that Godhra train carnage in which a mob of 2000 strong Moslems roasted alive 57 innocent Hindu men, women and children on February 27, 2001, at Godhra Station in Gujarat, India was “an act of terrorism”. It would have been appropriate had Dr. Chopra refrained from hurling innuendo and invectives on mild Hindus.

That the intellectual like Dr. Chopra has the audacity to advise non-Koranic people (Hindus, Christians, Jewish, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains) to appease Moslems is a sad commentary on his understanding of the Islamic psyche.

Dr. Chopra should understand that what happened in Mumbai on November 26th (2008) and in New York on 9/11 is the continuation of same Jihad that Prophet Mohammed began in the Battle of Badr in the 7th Century Arabia. This Jihad, essentially, is a doctrine of permanent warfare. Under it, the religion enjoins on all Moslems to be ruthless… to all non-Moslems… for the cause of Allah. The true aim of Islam, thus, is the political domination of the entire world.

Many Moslems may be gleefully enjoying the incomprehension of the infidel population and their baffled leaders (like Deepak Chopra) who come up with meaningless and phony theories about Islam to satisfy their own ego and try to maintain their leadership/ scholarship in the marketplace.

Let him listen to Mr. Anwar Shaikh, a Moslem scholar from Pakistan settled in UK, who honestly stated that Islam is not a faith but a political national movement launched by Prophet Mohammed to establish the Arab cultural imperialism over non-Arab people of the world.

Under the circumstances, it is important that the well-meaning and high-profile people like Deepak Chopra come out courageously and organize a unified voice of the people that decries political correctness and proclaims: ‘Enough is enough.’ Persons of his stature and fame should demand of the Governments to protect the ordinary citizens rather than finding fault with the victims themselves.

Narain Kataria

Deceptive, Deliberate and Disingeneous Denial of “Hindu Holocaust” by Marxist Vijay Prashad

Deceptive, Deliberate and Disingeneous Denial of “Hindu Holocaust” by Marxist Vijay Prashad –
My Rebuttal to News India-Times

Narain Kataria

Prof. Vijay Prashad’s article in last week’s News India-Times that Islam in India did not spread at the point of sword, is based on the false assumptions and is devoid of factual data. His thesis seems to be largely motivated by his malicious attempt to obscure and falsify the Indian history. Prof. Prashad’s outrageous assertion not only misleads the Indian public opinion, it actually insults the country’s nine hundred fifty million majority Hindus who have been at the receiving end for so long. To say the least, Prof. Prashad’s premise is completely preposterous nonsense.

People with Hindu-sounding names like Prof. Prashad who masquerade in our community as intellectuals are actually diehard Marxists who suffer from the deep inferiority complex. They subconsciously hate themselves and their fellowmen and are ashamed of their glorious Hindu ancestry. After the comrades were universally discredited and the worldwide Communist movement collapsed, the Indian Communists have now established a sinister nexus with the Jehadi Islamists in subverting Indian polity.

India’s History is testimony to the fact that the Islamic period in our nation’s life was a dark and dismal period so far as the Hindus are concerned. For them, the Muslim rule brought untold sufferings and deadly suffocation, and invited fierce resistance from Hindus. Vandalism and senseless destruction by Muslims of the Hindu property and religious places was so vast in magnitude, so stark in its evil and so vulgar in its nature that it demands an eternal condemnation. The painful saga of the trauma and torture suffered by millions of our forefathers must be told and passed on to our children and to the rest of the world. They must be told the truth and nothing else but the whole truth.

Hence, there is a great need for building the Hindu Holocaust Museum. And, valiant Francois Gautier, the noted journalist from France has provided a lead in this direction and taken up the project of erecting one in Pune, India.

So bloody was the Muslim rule in the country that a noted Islamic historian Abbas Khan Sherwani has proudly recorded about one incident in his chronicle Tarikh-i-Farishtah: "The Hindoos were pursued and slain by (Muslim) allies with such success, that the river was dyed red with their blood. Over one hundred thousand (100,000) infidels were slain during the action and in pursuit.”

As apart of this chain of cruelty and terror, the Mogul king Jahangir forced the fifth Sikh Guru Arjun Dev to sit on a burning hot plate. While this inhuman act was in progress, the hot sand was simultaneously poured over his body. This beastly behavior was justified by the Muslim clergy because the sacred Guru tried to protect the hapless Hindu public from the senseless Muslim tyranny.

Indian history’s Muslim period was full of such terrible Islamic acts: The tenth Guru Gobind Singh`s two sons were bricked alive, brave Bhai Mati Das was sawed alive when he refused to convert to Islam, Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib was viciously tortured and finally beheaded by the Islamists.

Even in our own living memory in 1947, the Muslims forced upon us the partition of our Motherland. Muslims everywhere gleefully boasted and warned Hindus: “Hans ke Liya Hai Pakistan, Ladke Lenge Hindustan.” (We took Pakistan with ease; now we’ll take India by force.) To support that assertion, a reign of loot, kidnappings, murder, rape and terror has been unleashed against the Hindus and Sikhs and Buddhists. Through the conversions and killings, the Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced from 23% in 1947 to 1% in 2009. In Bangladesh, the same is reduced from the formidable 35% in 1947 to a mere 8% in 2009.

In Kashmir, more than 400,000 tortured and terrorized Hindu families had to leave their ancestral homes and hearths to take refuge in India. Over 3 million people were killed in Bangladesh in 1971 during the military action by Pakistani army; 90% of them were Hindus.
Muslims are tirelessly working – openly and brazenly – to convert the rest of India into "Dar-ul-Islam," the nation of Islam. The mega-size daring attacks in Mumbai, bomb blasts in Coimbatore, Godhra train massacres, the terrorist attack on National Parliament in New Delhi, attacks on the historic Amarnath Temple and on Akshardham temple in Gujarat all point clearly to that grand Islamic design of establishing Nizam-e-Mustafa, or the rule of Allah in the Hindu land.

In the face of such voluminous and irrefutable evidence all around about the Islamic brutalities and barbarities against the hapless Hindus, Comrade Vijay Prashad is vainly trying to whitewash the wanton cruelty and rapacity of Islamic rulers in India. He is shamelessly acting as a stooge and apologist on behalf of the Islamists. Comrade Vijay Prashad has stooped so low that he has actually made himself the laughing stock in eyes of all those who know India’s true history!

At this moment, there are one billion Hindus all over the world. They are smart, intelligent and rich and understand what is good for them. It is time for this one-sixth of the humanity to stand up in solidarity and gratitude with Mr. Francois Gautier. Six million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany and there are now hundreds of Jewish Holocaust Museums all over the world. Whereas, more than 40 million Hindus have been slaughtered in course of the last 1400 years and not a single memorial in their memory? What a disgrace!

At this time we Hindus must come out in droves and congratulate Francois Gautier who has displayed a rare foresight and vision to build a Hindu Holocaust Museum in India in memory of these 40 million Hindus who had to fall victims to the historic brutality of unimaginable proportions.

The courageous Mr. Gautier deserves all out gratitude and generous help from the general Hindu public…while the selfish and the lowly individuals like Comrade Vijay Prashad must be heaped the universal condemnation for their anti-Hindu phobia.



On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, I just want to remind my Hindu/Sikh/Buddh and Jain brothers and sisters about the following pledge which one thousand strong Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhists/Jains had undertaken on the 15th Annual Hindu Unity Day in New York on August 2nd in the presence of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, former Cabinet Minister, Francois Gautier, a prominent French journalist, Veer Raas Kavi Gajendra Solanki, Dr. Uma Mysorekar and other community leaders:

· I shall try my level best to restore dignity to Hinduism, and work for the unification and consolidation of Hindu Nation.
· I will volunteer, support and work for any organization/association/temple that promotes Hindu cause.
· I will devote my time, energy, intellectual capability and financial resources in the service of Brihad Virat Hindutva.
· I will try to learn Sanskrit and encourage my children and grand children to do the same
· I will campaign against the dowry system, untouchability and seek to eradicate them from Hindu society.
· I will stand up and be counted if any injustice and humiliation is heaped on Hindus.
· I will try to learn about the real History of India.
· I will support our Hindu temples run by our community.
· I will support and back leaders who pledge to be supportive of these Hindu interests. Hence, I will support with Tan (body) Man (mind) and Dhan (wealth) anyone promoting Hindu causes.

It is time to renew the pledge.

Very truly yours,

Narain Kataria


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October 15, 2009

Hon. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Office of the Governor
State Capital Building
Sacramento, California 95814

Sub: Request to Revert Your Decision over Carrying of Kirpan by Sikhs

Hon. Governor Schwarzenegger:

We are highly perturbed and deeply disturbed to know that Your Honor has vetoed a unanimously passed bill (AB-504) over carrying of kirpan by Sikhs in California, stating that it was “unnecessary”.

Your decision has offended not only millions of Sikhs all over the world but also hurt the sensibilities of one billion Hindus who consider Sikhs as their elder brothers and fully appreciate and understand the significance of carrying a kirpan by Sikhs.

In this connection, we would like to inform you that kirpan had been made a part of Sikh Dharma (Religion) by our Gurus to enable Sikhs to protect themselves against the savagery and brutalities by Islamic radical brutes from Afghanistan who had unleashed the reign of loot, murder, rape and terror in the Indian state of Punjab for more than 1000 years and killed thousands of innocent Sikhs and Hindus.

For your information, we would also like to add here that Sikhs are known to be very brave, loyal, peaceful people, and are an asset to America. In India, Sikhs are held in high esteem by most of the Indians because they are religiously trained to protect honor of women and self-respect of the weak and the poor. The main motivation behind transforming Hindus into Sikhs was to defend the pride and dignity of Indian nation. During British rule in India, Sikhs were the mainstay of British Imperial Army and have won many laurels for their chivalry.

We believe that your decision is not based on wise counsel and has not taken historical factors into account.

The relationship between Hindus and Sikhs is akin to skin and nails. Hindus in India and all over the world consider Sikhs as their blood brothers. Hence, we request you to kindly reconsider your decision and permit our Sikh brothers to carry kirpan in your state - California. By doing so, you could win accolades from both; one billion Hindus and 25 Million Sikhs.

Very truly yours,

Narain Kataria

Sent by regular mail and
[Fax no. 916-558-3160]

Dhimmi Sree Sreenivasan Working Against Indian Interest

Letter to the Editor:

Dhimmi Sree Sreenivasan Working Against Indian Interest

Narain Kataria

According to The Times of India dated October 7, 2009 (, ISI of Pakistan has given an option to the surrendered Taliban either to go to jail or join Jihad against India. This is a very dangerous and frightening news.

On the one hand, Pakistan is deadly determined to destabilize and balkanize India with the help of sleeper cells in India and Taliban in Pakistan, and on the other hand, this far left Marxist academician from Columbia University, New York, Sree Sreenivasan of South Asian Journalists Association, has sent an email to SAJA list on October 4, 2009 encouraging Indian journalists to write stories for the promotion of American Pakistan Foundation. This activity smacks of dhimmitude and could conveniently be summed up as “anti-Indian”.

Please note that there are two types of dhimmies: (i) kafirs who become apologists for Islam, fear and defer to it and seek Islamic favor; and (ii) the subjugated dhimmies who suffer insult, humiliation, torture and brutalities under political Islam.

It is also a matter of great disgust that Sree Sreenivasan is misusing the resources of Indian journalists to promote Pakistan in this country and indirectly Jihad in India. He has to be stopped in his diabolical designs to harm India.

Thousands of Jai Chands and Man Singhs with Hindu-sounding names are masquerading as sheep in our society to hide their true identity, befool us, mislead us. weaken us and finally destroy us from within.

They strut around as our leaders but surreptitiously hobnob and collude with our enemies to create doubt and inferiority complex in our society.

Hindus should put a system in place to investigate the background of such persons, keep a watch on their anti-Indian activities, expose them, discredit them and boycott them socially.

By the way, Sree Sreenivasan is the son of a former Ambassador of India to USA, Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan