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November 12, 2010


Narain Kataria in New York

It is a matter of great disgrace and shame that Congress Party adherents in India have taken to the streets and set fire to the effigy of the former Sarsanghachalak K.S. Sudarshan of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) for alleged derogatory remarks against AICC President Sonia Gandhi.

AICC General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi is reported to have said that “the reaction of the society should be such that no one dare speak in such language in future.” He further said that “if Congressmen and people of the country do something (untoward), they (RSS) will be responsible for it."

The above statement is motivated by a sinister design to instill fear in the minds of the opponents of Sonia Gandhi and silence them. At the same time, it is a signal to the Congressmen to go ahead and attack RSS offices and volunteers.

It is a paradox that these congressmen, because of the feudal environment and their obsequious servility, jump around and vie with one another to win laurels from their boss! They show great vigor and vitality when a Hindu leader is to be attacked but look the other way and go underground when the issue of Islamic terrorism or egregious inequities of other minorities comes up.

Indian citizens have every right to know about the background of their elected officials. Shri Sudarshan has raised four serious issues: (i) Sonia Gandhi is a CIA Agent; (ii) there was a conspiracy to assassinate her husband and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his mother Indira Gandhi; (iii) her pedigree is unknown; and (iv) she had lied about her birth date.

We do not see anything wrong in the above allegations. Conversely, Shri Sudarshanji has provided an opportunity to the nation to debate the above issues and remove the lingering doubts from the minds of Indian citizens about their rulers.

Sonia Gandhi is an elected Member of Parliament. She is holding a high public office. She has been widely publicized as the 9th most powerful person in the world today. India is a democratic country. India is not the personal fiefdom of the Gandhi Dynasty and its sycophants. She is not above the law. Instead of indulging in hooliganism and behaving like ruffians, it is time to resolve these issues once and for all through deliberation and discussion.

In this connection we would like to inform the public that in 2008, the Indian National Overseas Congress of Sonia Gandhi (INOC) had filed three defamation cases in the amount of $220 million against me (Narain Kataria), Arish Sahani and Satya Dosapati in New York and New Jersey courts, for publishing a full page advertisement regarding Sonia Gandhi in The New York Times.

The Indian community in the USA supported us wholeheartedly in these frivolous lawsuits without any merit. We won two of the cases and the third one was withdrawn. The purpose of these cases was also to harass us and individually and collectively gag our voices.



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October 22, 2010


Arundhati Roy’s statement at a seminar in New Delhi on October 21, 2010, where the Maoists hosted Kashmiri secessionist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, that Kashmir should get Azadi (freedom) from bhookhe-nange Hindustan” is not only highly offensive and repulsive but also borders on treachery to the nation that has given her high living standard, high quality education and social status. This sinister statement is actuated by a diabolical intent designed to incite violence, support insurgency in the Valley, encourage Islamic terrorism and consequently destabilize and destroy India from within.

It is a well known fact that India’s economy is growing at the rate of 8-9% a year. As a result, there is more than 300 million solid Indian middle class – roughly equivalent to the population of USA. The number of millionaires in US dollars in India crossed 100,000 in 2007 (Financial Express) and is increasing approximately at the rate of 20% a year. There are 69 US dollar billionaires in India (Forbes). As of today, India government has 287 billion US dollars in its treasury. Indian billionaires are shopping for Islands in the Caribbean and buying long term dollar bonds in USA. The center of economic gravity is slowly shifting towards India.

The above facts debunk the depressing theories expounded by Arundhati Roy, and shatter to pieces the myth that India is a “bhookha-nanga Hindustan”. On the contrary, India has become the third largest economic power in the world. In addition, the Indian economy will approach the $2 trillion mark in 2011-12, according to an assessment made by the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC)! It is disgraceful that this demented Far Left lady is indulging in false propaganda to malign India and tarnish her image.

Arundhati Roy is the primary incubator of violent Maoism and barbaric jihad in the country. This woman is completely frustrated at the economic rise of India and the consequent total discrediting of flawed Marxist theories of development. Her spiteful acts of denigration and demonization of her country and her hate of everything Indian is unfathomable. This woman is spreading the totalitarian ideology which can spell disaster and doom with cataclysmic effect. She is sapping our civilizational self-confidence, weakening our ability and will to resist those jihadists. She deserves to be buried in an avalanche of opprobrium.

Far Left loonies like Arundhati Roy have considerably lost their influence in the eyes of the Indian public. This Marxist demagogue is looking for cheap publicity by making shocking and sensational statements in support of fissiparous anti-national forces who want to tear apart India. However, Indian people have great natural shrewdness; they know how to appraise such false propaganda.

In this connection, it should also be noted that in 1947 India was mutilated and devastated by her indigenous Muslims who could not tolerate, or live in peace, with the Hindus. They threatened civil war if they did not get a big slice of territory to create an Islamic republic; and finally succeeded in vivisecting India in two parts.

India will never allow any further division of the country come what may!

Narain Kataria

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Yorkers Say “No” to Ground Zero Mosque

New Yorkers Say “No”

to Ground Zero Mosque

Narain Kataria in New York

Tens of thousands attended the Rally of Remembrance for the 9/11 victims and against the Ground Zero mega-mosque to mark the ninth anniversary of the destruction of World Trade Center by 19 Islamic fundamentalists from Saudi Arabia. Pamela Geller of “Stop Islamisation of America” (SIOA), a dynamic columnist and a blogger, and the main organizer of the Rally of Remembrance wrote about the rally in the following glowing terms. “The crowd was so large, it stretched as far as the eye could see; you could not see the horizon from our stage.” (

The Rally was hosted by The human rights organization Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) and Robert Spencer of Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) against the Ground Zero mega-mosque, on September 11th in New York.

Videos of the speakers who appeared at the Rally of Remembrance are available on the following link:

Narain Kataria, President Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF) and one of the Founder of Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam along with Arish Sahani, VP of IAIF; Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights and Bhupinder Singh Bhurji of Namdhari Sikh Foundation of USA fully supported the Rally of Remembrance and brought about 200 American Hindus to this Rally.

About fifty American Christians of Pakistani origin from Lahore stood shoulder to shoulder with American Hindus and shouted slogans against the construction of mega-mosque at Ground Zero.

A couple of days before the Rally, one Youtube video in three parts (19 minutes) titled “American Hindus Say ‘No’ to the Ground Zero Mosque” was produced by Narain Kataria and circulated by Jihad Watch. That youtube video has been seen by 7500 people in 7 says.

In the above hart hitting Youtube, Kataria blamed Imam Rauf for trying to establish Sharia law (Islamic law) in this country and indirectly supporting terrorism. Kataria further said that the terrorists who killed 3000 Americans and hundreds of other innocent people in Mumbai, Godhra, Delhi, Mali, Beslan, Madrid, London and other cities of the world had also been trained in radical Islamists mosques.

Satya Dosapati was slated to speak on behalf of American Hindus on the occasion but could not speak due to lack of time. His speech was videoed and sent to the Director of Jihad Watch and has been put on his website. Some excerpts from his speech are given below:

“We need to wake up and understand the threat of Islam to our country, our civilization and everything we have built our society upon. Let us not condemn our own children to relive the barbaric history.”

“However, I do not blame Muslims. I dislike the ideology of hate and intolerance. Just look at Saudi Arabia where Koran is the constitution. They teach their little children from Koran that Christians and Jews are pigs, Hindus are worse than animals, infidels are equivalent to urine, feces, and dead body.”

“Secondly, in order to win this war, you have to confront this ideology of hate. According to the Center for Study of Political Islam, 60% of Koran is political, and 19% of Koran is about violent Jihad. 75% Sira, the life of Prophet is about violent Jihad, not inner Jihad. We got to understand that Islam is both - religion and political system - with strict rules for everything in life under the oppressive Sharia and extreme intolerance and violence against infidels”

His complete speech can be read at:

The Rally was addressed by the following important dignitaries: 9/11 family members, former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton (video message); the Dutch Parliamentarian and freedom fighter Geert Wilders; journalist Andrew Breitbart (video message); war hero and North Carolina Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano; nationally syndicated conservative radio host Mike Gallagher; Nelly Braginskaya, 911 family member -- mother to Alex; Muslim Iranian activist Sam Khoshbaten; Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla; Lisa Vincent, widow of author and journalist Steven Vincent, who was killed in Iraq; Sudanese ex-slave and human rights activist Simon Deng; Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, which has filed suit to stop the Ground Zero mega-mosque; Dan Weber, founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens; James Lafferty, VAST; Professor Richard Connerney of Pace University (Pace lost 4 students and 43 alumni); New York Congressional candidate York Kleinhandler; Darla Dawald, National Director of; and Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights Watch.

Some of the pictures of the Rally taken by Arish Sahani:

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Report from Narain Kataria in New York: August 13, 2010

A sort of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s coronation was enacted in New York on August 8, 2010. A six feet tall statue of Shivaji Maharaj was garlanded while Narain Kataria, President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF) exhorted the audience in the jam-packed Hindu Temple Auditorium to repeat after him “Jai Bhavani,” “Jai Shivaji,” and “Jai Hindu Rashtra.”

The divine excitement among the all-Hindu crowd gave the unique yearly event a flavor of the re-enactment of original historic event of year 1674, when the Great Shivaji Maharaj proudly declared himself the Hindu King after defeating his Islamic rivals and took the coveted title of “Chhatrapati.”

The scene was a part of the 16th Annual Hindu Sangathan Divas (Hindu Unity Day) which was organized on a grand scale by the Hindu Temple Society of North America and the Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF), in cooperation with several other temple organizations in New York.

Hindus from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Guyana, Trinidad, Surinam, Fiji, and many other countries, disregarding their caste, creed, color and region enthusiastically assembled in the grand auditorium to affirm their Hindu identity and celebrate their Hindu heritage. The jubilation of the assembled audience was seen to be believed.

The overall purpose of the event was to instill a feeling of pride and brotherhood in all sections of Hindus… and to create confidence in them that they are second to none. The other purpose was to commemorate the unforgettable coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The turnout was beyond the expectations. The enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of the audience for Hindutva was seen to be believed. Many of the attendees traveled more than 100 miles to participate in the event emphasizing the pride in their Hindu identity. More than 1000 plus attended the function. The auditorium was full to the capacity and several people had to be disappointed for the lack of space.

The Chief Guest of the occasion was Dr. Subramanian Swamy, former Law Minister Government of India and the President of the Janata Party. Two other speakers were Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati, from Kolkata, and Anand Shankar Pandya, an author of several books and a leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, both from India.

Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, a Publisher and Philanthropist; George Subraj, a Caribbean Hindu leader; and Satya Dosapati, the President of the Hindu Human Rights were honored for their services to the Hindu causes. Ramesh Gathoria, a Director of IAIF, spoke about his efforts with the India Government Agencies and the President of country to restore the historic national emblem “Satya Mev Jayate,” which has recently been surreptitiously removed from the government documents and country’s courts.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy delivered a powerful, memorable, and awe-inspiring speech which could only be described as “superb.” During his inspiring speech, there was pin-drop silence as the audience was glued to their seats. They were listening to him with rapt attention. Dr. Swamy enthralled the audience and won their laurels. He was applauded several times by the jubilant crowd. The audience’s utmost dedication, loyalty and commitment to the Hindu cause were clearly evident all around.

Dr. Swamy emphasized that India, as a country, was the most qualified candidate to be considered a world power. Quoting references, Dr. Swamy proclaimed that, just till about 500 years ago, India had all along been a world power economically, militarily and in all other dimensions of the human and intellectual endeavor.

Dr. Swamy clearly held the India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as one person most responsible for the economic ruin of India from 1947 to 1977 by following the incorrigible Russian model of government. India has the potential to be a world power again, but to realize that potential we need a completely new mindset of thinking in terms of Virat Hindustan.

“While USA, Japan and European countries are aging and declining, India’s average age happens to be only 29 years, and 75% of its people are below 35 years of age”, informed Dr. Swamy.

Hindus need to know their true history. On the subject of Indian History, Dr. Swamy said that if the British had not come when we were tied in fighting against Islam, and had not stolen our rocketry weapons technology from our Coromandel coast wars and then replicated them, Marathas (Hindus) would have established a Hindu Rashtra in Hastinapur (the original name of Delhi).

He bluntly rejected the notion that Hindus are timid and weak-willed people. Proving his point, Dr. Swamy said that when Islam emerged from Saudi Arabia, it captured and Islamized the Iran , Iraq and other adjoining countries in a matter of just 50 years. But today, even after the 800 plus 200 years of foreign subjugation, the India is still overwhelmingly Hindu. That’s the testimony to the fortitude, willpower, unshakeable determination, stubbornness, confidence and pride of Hindus. We lost to the Muslims and the British because of our civilized behavior. We just could not stoop to the cunningness and treachery they utilized against us.

Referring to the rise of Taliban in our neighborhood, Dr. Swmy said that there is a possibility of attack on our country. In the past, our soldiers won several battles on battlefield but our politicians lost them on negotiation table, all due to our inept political leadership. In a couple of years, one opportunity will present itself; we should be ready to grab it.

Tapan Ghosh said that Hindu society needs the total Hindu solidarity and Kshatriya spirit. He said atrocities are being committed against the Hindus everywhere in India and in its neighborhood. Everywhere the Hindu’s hearth, home and honor is under assault. But be it Assam, West Bengal, Kashmir or Kerala, the Hindu is fighting alone. The plight of the Hindus in Kerala doesn’t seem to affect the Hindus in Assam. The distress of the Kashmiri Hindus doesn’t disturb the slumber of the Tamil Hindus.

On the other hand, even at the slightest provocation, the shrill, hue, and cry of the Ummah across the globe rents the sky. The government scurries for cover and the media literally froths at the mouth. The need of the hour is the total freedom - from servitude, suppression, subjugation, repression, restraint, and oppression imposed mercilessly and ruthlessly by anti-Hindu forces.

We Hindus have to understand that a society or a community that cannot defend itself against the aggression cannot survive for long. It is the law of nature. Every community needs a sword-arm to protect itself against the aggression, overt or covert. This is what makes the role of a kshatriya or the warrior important in a community and in periods of turmoil and conflict, it is paramount. Hindu society is under attack from every direction and in every manner. The need of the hour is to re-ignite our kshatriya spirit. An eminent scholar Dr. David Frawley has said correctly that Hindu society needs intellectual kshatriyas to do battle with the nefarious and malignant assault of the communist dominated media and academia against the Hindu faith.

Tapan Ghosh deplored media-State nexus in India, whereby the mass media unquestioningly regurgitates the state's perspective. For the survival of Hindu society, it is essential that intellectual kshatriyas from urban areas and our economically backward Hindus from rural areas should join hands to work in unison to defeat the malicious designs of our enemies.

Anand Shankar Pandya said that the aim of the Hindu unity is world unity and world peace and prosperity. Hindu Unity also aims at projecting Hindu Dharma which believes in the adage of “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhi Nah”, let everybody be happy.

Two minutes silence was observed in the memory of Dr. Divyendu Sinha who was murdered by a group of teenagers in New Jersey and Swamy Bua, an oldest living yoga master who took maha Samadhi at the age of 120 years.

The exciting event was emceed by Rene Lobo of ITV in cooperation with Indira Narasimharajan and Arish Sahani, and under an overall supervision of Dr. Uma Mysorekar, the President of the Hindu Temple Society of North America .

Monday, July 26, 2010


It is not right to call the opponents of mosque as "intolerants" or "bigots"

I do not think it is right to label those who oppose mosque near Ground Zero as “intolerants” or “bigots” because America is the most democratic and free country in the world where, unlike Islamic nations, right of dissent is permissible under law. Hence, I believe that those who hurl invectives and epithets on the opponents of mosque are infringing on the fundamental rights of freedom of expression guaranteed under American Constitution.

The citizens who oppose mosque near Ground Zero believe that it is not only offensive but also reprehensible to build the mosque where 3000 innocent people were just mercilessly murdered by devout Moslems trained in Saudi Arabian mosques. These Saudi Arabian mosques are run by Wahabbi Moslems who preach extreme form of Islam where they extol the virtue of violence and hatred. Their goal is to dominate the world, subjugate infidels (Christians, Jewish, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and other), establish Shariah and plant Islamic flag on the Capitol Hill. It is believed that three-fourth of the mosques in America are controlled by Wahabbi Moslems.

The other day Prime Minister of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan who is considered to be a moderate Moslems gave the definition of the mosques as under: The Mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

It is not right to say that all the Moslems are the terrorists. But it is also a well known fact that all the terrorists who mercilessly slaughtered innocent men, women and children in Mumbai, Bali, Madrid, Beslan, London, Delhi, Nigeria, Africa and Thailand were the followers of the Radical Islam. Since 9/11//2001, the followers of the so called “religion of peace” have killed more than 75,000 people. (http://www.thereligionof In 1909, according to police reports in Indian Express dated July 2, 2010, radical Islamists have carried on 500 terror attacks on Hindus in Kashmir.

It is inappropriate and unjustified to lightly dismiss the views of those who have seen Islam, Hadith and Sira in action in South Asia. Hindus have suffered unprecedented brutalities and savagery at the hands of Islam during the last 1400 years. Moslems have killed 80 million Hindus during their brutish rule in India. They have converted one third of Hindus in India at the point of sword. They have plans to Islamize entire India. They consider India, Europe, America and other countries where Moslems are in minority as Dar-ul-Harb (the country to be Islamized and ruled under Shariah law). Shariah law is an antithesis of democracy and totally irrelevant and incompatible with our Constitution.

It is not the question of mosque only but the preaching of barbican and totalitarian ideology which Wahabbi Moslems drill into the ears of Moslem children of impressionable age in their mosques.

If Moslems are really sincere and desire to refurbish their image in the eyes of New Yorkers, they should show some sort of sensitivity and dignity towards the hurt feelings of the families of 3000 victims of Jihad by shifting their mosque to some other place. Thus, they could gain the goodwill and sympathy of an average American.

Narain Kataria


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Friday, June 25, 2010

Pamela Geller, Narain Kataria and Arish Sahani Outside Community Board 1 in New York - on youtube

Pamela Geller, Narain Kataria and Arish Sahani Outside Community Board 1 in New York - on youtube

Please watch the video

Arish Sahani, left, of New York, puts on an American Flag tie, and Linda Rivera, right, of New York

Please watch the video.;_ylt=AlOwQwqBI3SBGqRPXP4Z1ptH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTE5ajE0YTMyBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN5bl9yX3RvcF9waG90bwRzbGsDYXJpc2hzYWhhbmls

Thousands rally to oppose construction of the mosque near Ground Zero in New York

Thousands rally to oppose construction of the mosque near Ground Zero in New York

Narain Kataria in New York

(718) 478-5735/(718) 271-0453

A Rally to oppose construction of the mosque near Ground Zero was organized by “Stop the Islamization of America”, an organization headed by Pamela Geller, a dynamic speaker and a well known journalist and Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch and a prominent expert on Islamic Studies, on June 6th.

The rally was a big success. In this rally, 3000 to 5000 people representing Jewish, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Ex-Muslims whole-heartedly and enthusiastically participated.

Approximately 250 to 300 Hindus and Sikhs from tri-state area led by Narain Kataria, Arish Sahani, President and Vice President, respectively, of Indian American Intellectuals Forum; Satya Dosapati, President, Hindu Human Rights Watch; and Bhupinder Singh Bhurji, Chairman, Namdhari Sikh Foundation of USA, took part in the Rally.

Statement issued to national and ethnic media by Narain Kataria

First of all I would like to tell you that I am the survivor of the Partition of India which took place in 1947 in which more than 10 million Hindus were driven out of Islamic Republic of Pakistan . I have seen with my own eyes, my Hindu and Sikh brothers being murdered by jihadists. I have seen Hindu and Sikh girls being molested and raped by uncouth, crude and brute jihadists.

I am the student of History. I have Master’s degree in World History. I have been watching unprecedented brutalities and savageries being perpetrated on Hindus in India , Pakistan and Bangladesh for the last 60 years. I am aware of the massacre of 2.5 million Hindus who were butchered by Pakistani army in Bangladesh in 1971. I have seen the miserable plight of 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus who were harassed and finally chased out by jihadists, and are still languishing in refugee camps.

I am a Hindu American living in this country for the last 40 years. I consider America as a paradise on earth. America has given all of its citizens individual liberty and freedom of religion. The jihadists have created a fear psychosis all over the world. The rise of radical Islam in this country has created an anxiety and fear in my mind about the safety and security of my children. I have come here to caution my fellow Americans to benefit from my personal experience and oppose the barbarian and totalitarian ideology extolling the virtue of violence, intolerance and hatred.

We oppose construction of the mosque near Ground Zero because we feel that it is a very sensitive issue. It is an offensive and reprehensible act. It is an insult and humiliation to the families of more than 3000 victims of 9/11 - fire fighters and security personnel who lost their lives.

We oppose the mosque because the terrorists who killed 3000 Americans were trained in mosques from their childhood.

Moreover there is some sort of relationship between a mosque and terrorism. Madraasas (Islamic religious schools) are conducted by Imams. After rigorous training in madraasas, Taliban (students) becomes jihadists. After some time these jihadists become full-fledged terrorists.

For example, in Pakistan there are 20,000 madrasas. These 20,000 madrasaas produce half a million Taliban every year. Out of these half a million Taliban, 10,000 become dangerous jihadists. These jihadists go all over the world and unleash the reign of terror and slaughter innocent people in the name of Allah.

The terrorists who killed innocent people in New York on 9/11, in Mumbai , Madrid , Bali, Beslan, London , Delhi , Nigeria and Cairo were connected with one or the other mosque.

In addition to that 75% of these madraasas are controlled by Wahabi sect of Islam who preach extreme form of Islam.

Since 9/11/2001, the followers of the so called “religion of peace” have carried out 15101 deadly terrorist attacks and killed more than 75,000 people. ( )

Imam Abdul Rauf, the chief o Cordoba Initiative building the mosque, wants to impose Sharia law in USA . Sharia is antithesis of democracy. Sharia Law denies equal rights to women. It wants women to put on burqa from tip to toe. It does not allow women to drive. Under Sharia law, in Pakistan ’s north western region, Talibans burnt all the music video stores and schools for women. Under Sharia law, if anyone is found guilty, his limbs are chopped off. Sharia Law is completely derogatory in nature and incompatible with our Constitution.

Imam Abdul Rauf does not believe that World Trade Center was destroyed by Muslims. Instead of blaming his co-religionists, Imam Abdul Rauf finds fault with America ’s foreign policy.

Imam Abdul Rauf is the head of Cordoba Initiative. Cordoba is a city in Spain where Islamists had established Caliphate to rule over Western Europe which lasted until 1236. It was the period of suffocation and enslavement for Christians and Jewish people. During that period, thousands of churches were vandalized and destroyed and untold brutalities and savageries were heaped on Christians and Jewish people. Cordoba is the symbol of Islamic victory and supremacy of Islam over Europe . Muslims feel proud when they talk about Cordoba and the dishonor and degradation of non-Muslims. It is the symbol of Islamic domination over Europe and subjugation of non-Muslims. Imam Rauf wants to establish Islamic ascendancy and authority over America .

Turkey is considered to be a moderate Islamic nation. But last month, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said: “the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers”.

The other day one Imam Abdullah Faarooq exhorted Muslims to grab gun, grab sword and do you job.

Imam Abdul Rauf is a devout Muslim. He is an expert on Islam. He is a shrewd person. He must be fully familiar with the law of Al Taquia which enjoins on Muslims to lie, cheat, use stratagem and sophistry to promote the cause of Islam. We are not sure whether he is playing law of Al Taquia with naïve and gullible infidel Americans or not.

All the above factors have created a concern, suspicion and distrust in New Yorkers about the hidden intent behind the construction of the mosque; and hence the opposition.

Dr. Babu Suseelan, Director of Indian American Intellectuals Forum and former Professor of Psychology and Director of Addiction Research Foundation delivered a powerful speech narrating his experience from Hindu perspective. Here is the complete report of his speech.


Dr. Babu Suseelan

On behalf of the Hindus in America and the Indian American Intellectuals Forum, it gives me immense pleasure to know that American citizens have woken up to the suffocating, totalitarian closed political dogma which is paraded as a religion. Yes, 60% of Islamic scriptures are political dealing with treatment of infidels, non believers and 31% is about Jihad, how to make the infidel submit to Islam through deceit and terror.

Now the descendants of the closed political dogma which is meant for invasion, destruction, plunder and looting have decided to construct a 13 story Mosque cloaked as part of Cultural Center at Ground Zero. We are American citizens of different faiths protesting construction of a huge Mosque at sacred Ground Zero where more than 3000 people were killed by Islamic terrorists, for no other reason than that they were citizens of this country?

For us, Ground Zero is a war memorial, a burial ground, a sacred ground to American citizens. It invokes deep sentiments. Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the Islamic leader says the Mosque is intended to show good will. If the real intention is to show good will, given that it was destroyed with chantings of Allahu Akbar, should it not have worship centers for the religions of all those who lost their lives? Who is funding this so called center of tolerance? The very countries that spread intolerance. Why is the name Cordoba , which is the first historic symbol of conquest of West? Imam Rauf blamed America for 9/11. Know this, the 9/11 Mosque is not a symbol of understanding, it is a symbol of conquest. Imam Rauf is master of Taqiyya, the use of deception to forward Islam. Wafa Sultan, a former Muslim said so well. What Faisal Shahzad failed at Times Square with overt Jihad, Imam Rauf will succeed with stealth Jihad.

What is a Mosque? The Islamic Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said it clearly: “Mosques are our barracks, the Domes are helmets, the minarets are bayonets and the faithful are soldiers.” The Islamic Turkish prime minister’s version is same as that of Bin laden, Nasrallah, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Imam Awlaki. Almost every Islamic atrocities around the world are committed after fiery sermons during Friday prayers. We got to be concerned. Why? 3 out of 4 Mosques in this country are Saudi funded that teach anti American values and/or has terrorist connections. 30,000 Muslim children are taught intolerance and outright rejection of American values. Tomorrow's terrorist will not come Pakistan , it will come from this very soil, from the intolerant teachings of many Mosques in this country.

Throughout history Islamists have destroyed houses of worship built by virtually every other faith under the sun and build Mosques as symbol of conquests. Worldwide Islam has plundered tens of thousands of Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist Churches , Synagogues, Temples and Monasteries. They killed 270 million people and left devastations, in great countries taking their men as slaves and women as sex slaves sold in Arabian markets. Since 9/11 they murdered more than 75,000 people across more than 20 countries.

Islamists follow the example of Muhammad? Muhammad offered peace when he was cornered or outnumbered and then launched surprise attack. The Mosque is not their concession to peace and reconciliation but a powerful symbol of defiance and the excuse to build more of them, fooling us by waving olive branch before our eyes.

We Hindus and Sikhs have a story to tell. Islamists killed 80 million of us since 700 AD and continues to kill. They destroyed 3,000 glorious temples and build Mosques over them or used the material from the temples as foot stone for Mosque, as symbol of conquest. In 700 AD our country, the combined Afghanistan , Pakistan , India and Bangla Desh had more than 25% of world's GDP. The Islamists ravaged the country and brought it to knees in few hundred years. In just last 60 years Islamists in Pakistan wiped out infidel Hindus and Sikh populations from 25% to less than 1%. What happened to the millions? Islamists drove away 350,000 Kashmiri Hindus who are currently living as refugees in their own country in squalid camps for last 18 years. Between 2004-2008, India has largest number of terror deaths and incidents where many Hindu Temples are targeted, with the numbers of people died and the terror incidents being only next to Iraq . There is ongoing terrible genocide of Hindus in Bangla Desh with such discriminatory laws that categorizes all infidel property as Government property that can be taken over any time.

America is a great country today. If we are not vigilant, these Islamists will gradually chip out all that is build over 200+ years in short span of few decades or two generations. It happened in Persia , Egypt , Babylon , Mesopotamia, Damascus , Jerusalem , Istanbul , Bulgaria and Spain . Construction of a Mosque at Ground Zero may be viewed an attempt to repeat Islamic history in America . If built, this mega Mosque will represent an icon in the Islamic world for the global Jihad. If succeeded, Islamists will continue their onslaught onto all the key centers of this country and in the future these Mosques will be used at appropriate time to bring down this country, as it has been throughout the history. We should not allow Islamists plans to put a Mosque on top of Ground Zero the way they put Mosques at Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura , Damascus , and on the Top of Temple Mount in Jerusalem . We should let Muslims know that is how this proposed Mosque is perceived and Muslims must have to be sensitive to that. Sensitivity is not one way traffic.

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Freedom in all its form is our greatest legacy. Individual religious freedom is enshrined in our constitution. There is no document more important as a guarantor of religious freedom than the U.S constitution. We should not allow a huge barrack (Mosque) where Imams can preach hatred and train soldiers who has no faith in our constitution or liberty. We value freedom, creativity, reason and progressive ideas. Unlike us, people who follow the totalitarian political ideology originated in the 6th century do not seem to understand or cherish our constitution and the timeless principles of liberty. We value reason, creative thinking, and positive life. Jihadists hate reasoning, and love death. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is our motto. America remains as the last bastion of human freedom and democracy. We should not buckle, bend or collapse before the violent and stealth forces of Islam. There will be nothing stopping Islamic offensive after that. Do we have to invite or permit people who want to die for a fictitious entity and to exploit our freedom, and thrive in this country? As Imam Rauf himself admitted, Islamists love after life in heaven than this life and they get to that heaven by following the Islamic scriptures that make it their duty of conducting Jihad of deceit and terror against Infidels. Not understanding what Islam and its history is, our cowardly and politically correct media and elected officials are causing great harm to this country and putting us in great danger.

The U.S constitution guarantees freedom of expression. It is a document of equality of man and women. Koran on the other hand is most dictatorial, intolerant, divisive and instigator against the non-Muslims calling them kaffir or infidels who are equivalent to Urine, Feces, Pigs and dead body. In this context the proposed Mosque in New York City is yet another daring act of sheer provocation that will become a rallying point for the world’s worst fascism of Islamists, whose scriptures spew hatred towards Jews and infidels that is many times worse than that of Hitler's Mein Kampf? It will continue the invasion of America 's open institutions of Political, Intellectual, Finance as well as Media by Saudi using our petro dollars.

Unlike our constitution and laws, in every Islamic country government statute books are riddled with discriminatory laws. The blasphemy laws are used to harm non Muslims. The culture of intolerance is ingrained in every Islamist country's laws and scriptures. If Imam Rauf is sincere and committed for building bridges, he should work sincerely for removing the worst 164 Jihad verses in the Koran that advocate terrible violence and terrorism against infidels. He should work to build churches, synagogues and temples in Saudi Arabia . He should stop the terrorism and hate against Christians in Egypt and Sudan and on Hindus in Bangladesh and India . He should work to remove the discriminatory laws in almost all Islamic countries. That is the way to build tolerance and bridges.

We are here to protest the Mosque construction. Why? I quote Einstein “The world is a dangerous place not because there are bad people doing evil things, but it is because good people who do nothing about it,”

We are here today because of our thoughts on American dream. A nation which does not proceed from noble thoughts is nothing at all. We are here to preserve our liberty, protect our democracy for us and the children yet to be born. We are here today to pay a price to protect our freedom from those who subscribes to totalitarian, conflict producing, divisive, reductionist dogma.

We appeal to all leaders of the free world to study the history of Islam. The media and the intellectuals have a great responsibility to study the intransigence of Islamists and understand the reasons behind the deafening silence of Muslims and dedicate their service to promote open, pluralistic, tolerant life in all Islamic nations.

Let the tragedy of India , the world’s largest democracy, not repeat itself in the U.S, the world’s strongest democracy.

My dear brothers and sisters of America , please rest assured that in this historic struggle against Islamic tyranny, you are not alone. The entire free world is ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you.


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