Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The book titled “Islam and the Clash of Civilizations” says:
In the 21st Century the greatest threat to the existence of  the United States and its allies in Europe,  does not come from Russia, China or North Korea.  It comes from Islam.
Islamic Jihad has been going on from the inception of Islam, and its warrior Prophet, 1400 years ago.
There are only two choices left for the United States, Europe, and the citizens of the free world – either to surrender to Islamic imperialism or to defeat it utterly.

Respected Colleagues:
I have some very important – very good – news to share with you.   A personal friend, whom I have known for over 35 years, has just published one of the finest works available about Islamic Jihad, hegemony, and imperialism.  During the last half a century, I have had the opportunity to read many books on political Islam, written by both Indian and Western intellectuals, but I truly consider this clearly written and heavily researched book is perhaps the most outstanding I have ever read on the subject.
The title of the book is Islam and the Clash of Civilizations.  The book is quite large – nearly 800 pages long.  The author, whose pseudonym is Panini, addresses the entire conflict from a secular humanist, rationalist, and empiricist perspective.  He argues in the book that there is no such a thing as a religious conflict per se.  He further elaborates that India and Hinduism's conflict with Islam is neither theological nor metaphysical; it is a civilizational conflict.
Please see the attached flyer for a more detailed description of the book’s contents.  I strongly encourage you to purchase the book, read and critique it, and, if you like the book, encourage your friends to read it too.  I am convinced that this book speaks the truth about Pakistan, Islamic hegemony, and Global Jihad.
The price of this book is $9.95 USD for Kindle; and the printed paperback is $39.95 USD from Amazon.
Please visit the Author's website:  www.muslimconquest.com for further information.

Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735


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