Monday, October 22, 2012

Here are my comments on the above Saif-Kareena-wedding-card:
I am very upset, angry; and feel insulted. This selfish woman has absolutely no pride about her ancestral heritage. At the moment, India is not being ruled by Muslim rulers. It is a shame that in Independent India, Hindu girls are marrying with Musalmans.  Instead of becoming a role model for Hindu girls, she has brought shame,  disgrace and ignominy not only to her parents but also to entire Hindu nation of 900 million. I will never again watch her movie any time.
It appears that this pretty stupid woman is out to humiliate Hindu nation by marrying a Muslim man and converting to Islam in spite of the fact that the great doyens of Mumbai film industry, Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor and her mother Babita Shivdasani – all of them – had been driven from Islamic Pakistan at the time of Partition because they were Hindus.
We concede that it is Kareena’s personal decision to marry whomsoever she wants. Our main objection is to her conversion to Islam. Most Hindus consider conversion to other religions as an aggression on the Hindu Society. We also fail to understand why she has to convert to Islam and why not the other way round with Saif converting to Hinduism.
Moreover, marriage of a Hindu girl to a Muslim gives a rise to the Muslim population and rise in the Muslim population eventually results in the partition of the  country as happened to us in 1947. 
Hindus are very naïve people.  Muslim leaders are shouting at the top of their voice that their ultimate aim is to Islamize India but Hindus do not take them seriously.  To achieve their aim, they have been working on several plans.  Marriage to Hindu girls is one of them. 
Sharmila Tagore married to a Muslim and converted to Islam.  Her two children were given Arabic names.  Then her son Saif Ali Khan married Amrita Singh.  She  has two children: Ibrahim Ai Khan and Sara Ali Khan.  Now Kareena will produce two-three more Muslim children. 
In the same manner, thousands of Muslims all over India are marrying Hindu girls and producing Muslim children – the ultimate aim is to destroy Hinduism in India.
Hindus will have to pay a very heavy price for their self-inflicted ignorance.
Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735

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