Monday, November 23, 2009

Dhimmi Sree Sreenivasan Working Against Indian Interest

Letter to the Editor:

Dhimmi Sree Sreenivasan Working Against Indian Interest

Narain Kataria

According to The Times of India dated October 7, 2009 (, ISI of Pakistan has given an option to the surrendered Taliban either to go to jail or join Jihad against India. This is a very dangerous and frightening news.

On the one hand, Pakistan is deadly determined to destabilize and balkanize India with the help of sleeper cells in India and Taliban in Pakistan, and on the other hand, this far left Marxist academician from Columbia University, New York, Sree Sreenivasan of South Asian Journalists Association, has sent an email to SAJA list on October 4, 2009 encouraging Indian journalists to write stories for the promotion of American Pakistan Foundation. This activity smacks of dhimmitude and could conveniently be summed up as “anti-Indian”.

Please note that there are two types of dhimmies: (i) kafirs who become apologists for Islam, fear and defer to it and seek Islamic favor; and (ii) the subjugated dhimmies who suffer insult, humiliation, torture and brutalities under political Islam.

It is also a matter of great disgust that Sree Sreenivasan is misusing the resources of Indian journalists to promote Pakistan in this country and indirectly Jihad in India. He has to be stopped in his diabolical designs to harm India.

Thousands of Jai Chands and Man Singhs with Hindu-sounding names are masquerading as sheep in our society to hide their true identity, befool us, mislead us. weaken us and finally destroy us from within.

They strut around as our leaders but surreptitiously hobnob and collude with our enemies to create doubt and inferiority complex in our society.

Hindus should put a system in place to investigate the background of such persons, keep a watch on their anti-Indian activities, expose them, discredit them and boycott them socially.

By the way, Sree Sreenivasan is the son of a former Ambassador of India to USA, Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan

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