Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Author: Narain Kataria

Indian American Intellectuals Forum (“IAIF”) in cooperation with Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, supporters of BJP, Chinmaya Mission, Malayali Hindu Mandalam, Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation, Overseas Sindu Sabha and several other organizations staged a boisterous demonstration outside Pakistan Consulate in New York on July 27th in which more than 80 demonstrators vociferously participated.

The purpose of this protest was to express shock, anguish and outrage at the 7/11 Bombay bomb blasts in which more than 200 innocent people were blown to bits, more than 800 people lost their limbs, thousands of families underwent unprecedented trauma, and millions of worth property was destroyed, allegedly by Islamic terrorists.

The protesters carried play-cards, depicting “Islamic Pakistan Directly or Indirectly Responsible for World-wide Terrorism”, “Islamic Pakistan Is the Epicenter of Terrorism”, “Pakistan’s Spy Agency Involved in Mumbai Bomb Blasts”, and “ISI Transferred $100,000.00 to Mohammed Atta”, Chief Terrorists who masterminded 9/11 World Trade Center bombing in New York”.

In a Memorandum addressed to Hon. Haroon Shaukat, Pakistan Consul General in New York, the organizers blamed Pakistan for training jihadists and using terrorism as a tool of foreign policy to bleed India to death. The memorandum further reminded Consul General of Pakistan that “Before indulging in this type of surreptitious activities, you should not forget 1971 debacle in which 93,000 Pakistani soldiers, along with General Niyazi, belonging to the so called ‘Martial Race’ had meekly surrendered to valiant, mostly Hindu-Sikh Army, headed by Lt. General Jagjit Singh Arora.”

The Memo reminded the Consul General that “[Y]ou should not forget that we both are brothers. Same blood flows into our veins. Your forefathers were Hindu before converting to Islam by Arabs. Perhaps you may be aware of the fact that Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Father of Pakistan was the grandson of Punjabhai Valjibhai Thakkar, a Hindu. The hate, violence, and terror are the hallmark of uncivilized brutes. They are the part and parcel of Arab barbarism. Religious fanaticism of the 7th century is not compatible with the spirit of 21st century. Hence, it is absolutely essential that your country should learn to live with other countries in peace and harmony.

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arno said...

i recently protested at the pakistan consulate because pakistan is harboring bin laden. are u returning there to protest again?