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From: Narain Kataria in New York

Twelfth Hindu Sangathan Divas (Hindu Unity Day) in which more than 700 Hindus representing all sections of the Hindu society enthusiastically participated in New York will be remembered for a very long time to come. The significance of this celebration lies in the fact that it was joined by two very powerful Hindu leaders from India: Didi Maa Saadhvi Ritambhara ji and Dr. Subramanian Swamy. In the celebration, a unique resolution, that has the potential of having a far reaching impact on the Indian polity, was passed by the participants with a unanimous voice vote.

The resolution read by Srichand Sidhwani, a senior Hindu community activist, and seconded by Dr. Babu Suseelan, a psychiatrist from Pennsylvania said:

“It is hereby unanimously resolved that a Hindu political party be formed in India. Aims of this political party would be to safeguard the legitimate interests of Hindus in India, preserve the Hindu character of country, and ultimately capture the political power.”

Sadhvi Ritambhara, the keynote speaker said that Hindus should derive inspiration from the noble lives of Sri Guru Govind Singh, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar and others who fought like lions to protect the motherland and sacrificed their lives at the altar of nation. It is an irony of fate that the present Hindu politicians are behaving like lambs. We have been too tolerant and too peaceful. We always talk of peace. But, we need to remember that in order to establish peace we have to be the worshipper of Shakti.

Disunity amongst us has been the bane of Hindu society. In order to achieve the unity among Hindus, we must stop the internal squabbles. Also, there is an identity crisis in Hindu society. Our excessive emphasis on the divisive factors such as the caste, language and province is the main cause of many of our maladies. .

To solve all our social and national problems, and thereby experience an incredible power within ourselves, we need to remember the fact that we are “Hindus.” The word “Hindu” has great magical powers that could easily unite and strengthen us all. If we identify ourselves as Hindus, we will emerge as invincible and our voice will be heard with respect and attention.

It is a matter of great regret that Hindus today have become refugees in their very own country. Kashmiri Hindus are languishing in refugee camps. Young Hindu girls are routinely molested and brutalized in Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Indian Kashmir. Hindu leaders live in the fool’s paradise. They mistakenly believe that by indulging in the appeasement of Muslim bullies, one day, they will be able to create a change of heart in them and win them ever. This foolish attempt is bound to fail.

Speaking on the subject of “Hindus under Siege,” the learned Harvard professor and former Union Cabinet Minister, Dr. Subramanian Swamy dealt squarely with the question of terrorism against Hindus that India faces today. He rejected the often repeated theory of the Islamic intellectuals, pseudo-secularists and the Muslim apologists that it was because of the problems of poverty, lack of education, unemployment, and social discrimination among Muslims that their youth take to the path of terrorism. Dr. Swamy debunked that theory stating that the top-class Islamic terrorists like Osama Bin Laden are, on the other hand, billionaires. Other young terrorists involved in the London bombings of 7/7 were all well educated and employed as doctors, lawyers and accountants.

Dr. Swamy drew a thunderous applause when he said that the root cause of Islamic terrorism is the application of the outdated Islamic theories of Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harb to the civilized democratic societies. The recent documents seized from SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) after the Mumbai blasts make it clear: the goal of Islamic terrorism is to make the Hindu capitulate, convert or simply die a violent death. This Hindus must resist with all their might since Hindus are the target from Coimbatore to Cooch Behar, from Bangalore to Baramula, and from Vadodara to Varanasi. Never again must Hindustan go under foreign rule even if Hindus have to die in millions in a nuclear war. We must win this decisive battle against terrorism and reverse the historical trend of being weak and selfish.

Dr. Swamy told the audience that an effective anti-terror strategy is not only to hunt down the terrorists to their training camps but also to make nonsense of their political objectives. If Islamic terrorists want India to let go of our Kashmir, we must instead go over and recapture the Pak-occupied Kashmir. If they want to destroy our temples, then we must instead liberate Kashi Vishwanath and Mathura and three thousand other temples demolished in past by the invading butchers in the name of Islam.If they drive out Hindus from Bangladesh then we should annex a proportionate area of that country to resettle the displaced Hindus. If they want Dar-ul-Islam in India, then instead we’ll give them a Hindu Rashtra in its place. Dr. Swamy recalled what Veer Savarkar had said: "If necessary, militarize the Hindus and Hinduize the nation". No more submission, no more compromise, and never to capitulate. The only way is to fight to win. That is the Hindu mindset, the Virat Hindu resolve we need today. Dr. Swamy advocated that those Indian Muslims who openly and proudly acclaim that their ancestors were Hindus are our brothers and sisters. They are a part of our family in Hindustan. India is Hindustan i.e. a land of Hindus and all those who acknowledge their ancestors being Hindus. Outsiders can live here but they cannot be allowed to vote. "We can never accept Vish-Kanyas from Italy as our family," Dr. Swamy added to a roar of laughter and approval from the jubilant audience.

Earlier, welcoming the audience, Narain Kataria, the President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, the chief organizer of the 12th Hindu Sangathan Divas, congratulated Hindus of America for making the Hindu Unity Day a great success. “Your presence here in this auditorium in big numbers demolishes the fallacious theory propounded by the prophets of doom that Hindus cannot be united. Your presence in this hall exposes the myth that Hindus cannot speak in one voice. Your presence is a testimony to the fact that Hindu unity on an All India level is a practicable and feasible proposition, ” said Kataria. Bhushan Tadepalli acted as master of the ceremonies. Arish K. Sahani and Aruna Inala coordinated the event, and Ramesh Gathuria proposed a vote of thanks.

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